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What is the most popular Instagram food by state: here are the ones American’s love

Instagram Food Trends

What’s your most Instagrammed food? Maybe it’s that first steaming cup of morning coffee while the rain is pouring, or perhaps a thick slice of French toast drizzled in honey and topped with clusters of berries under a sunrise. Maybe it’s just a guilty pleasure, like a McDonald’s chocolate shake or a Starbucks Frappuccino.

We’re all guilty of snapping a cheeky pic (or three) of whatever fantastic food is occupying our kitchen plates, whether it’s every meal or just when the mood strikes. This got our experts over at Wren Kitchens thinking… just what is America’s most Instagrammed food?

After asking people from California to Connecticut and every state in between, Wren Kitchens can finally reveal that, out of all of America’s most popular foods, a perfectly cooked lobster is the favourite. The choice for many special occasions and weekend treats, a striking 8.15% of Americans would regularly show off this most luxurious of seafood whenever they got the opportunity.

So, how did Wren make this tasty discovery, and what other foods do we Americans love to Instagram?

Finding America’s favourite foods

With such a wide variety of chow to choose from out of all our 50 states, our expert team’s first task was to narrow down a selection of the most well-known and loved foods from all over America and take some tantalizing images of them.

We then created a survey and sent it to 2000 people, 40 people per state, and asked them to look at each picture to decided which images they would most likely share with their Instagram followers. When the results for all 23 foods came in, we tallied them up and took the average percentage for each state, and across the entire country. The results revealed not only a surprising love for lobster, but a similar taste for range of delicious foods, including quite a few which didn’t even appear on our list.

In fact, 7.41% of those we spoke to specified that they would have chosen a food not included on our survey, helping to show that our country’s food palette is far more varied and exciting than a simple love of classic America foods.

But enough about our winner, let’s take a look at the other foods we Americans are particularly fond of.

Lobsters, cakes, and steaks

It appears that when we’re not treating ourselves to an extravagantly seafood dinner, we’re indulging heavily in our sweet tooth. In fact, cakes came in at a very close second, with 8% of those surveyed being particularly fond of sharing their favourite baked treats with everyone else.

Cake - Instagram Food Trends

Third was a classic, red-blooded American meal, our stats showing that 6.36% of American’s enjoy ‘gramming a good steak with all the trimmings. And what selection wouldn’t be complete without one of the most icon American foods of all. It seems 6.21% of Americans love nothing more than to show off their choice of a classic American burger. Our final victor really hammers home the variety of food we consume with 5.22% of those asked eager to share all manner of exotic sushi options.

While these are our country’s top food choices when it comes to making others jealous of what’s on our plate, we didn’t stop there. Our team was just as interested to find out the specific favourite food each individual state.

America’s most Instagrammed food by state

Unsurprisingly, lobster is right at the top of our list with Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania placing it at the very top. Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Tennessee, and Texas, are all cake lovers, showing sweeter things are loved no matter where you are in the country.

Despite steak being third overall, backed by Louisiana, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Virginia, chicken wings are just as popular, with Instagrammers in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and New Mexico choosing it as the number one option for them.

Americans all over have shown their more refined side, with charcuterie being a particular favourite for those in Kentucky, New Hampshire, Washington, and West Virginia. Even drinks managed to sneak in, with our survey showing people in Arizona, Idaho, Minnesota, and Wisconsin being responsible for all those photos of fancy cups of morning coffee.

Sushi is loved by photographers in Colorado, the District of Columbia, and Oregon. Indiana, Oklahoma, and Utah have a penchant for the healthy salads. California, and Nevada favour the continental and doughy treat side of things, going for either a croissant or donut, and Maryland and Michigan love their tacos.

Hawaii and Vermont go for fish, while Maine and Rhode Island love a good pizza. Missouri, and South Dakota enjoy breakfasts of all kinds. Montana is into their sandwiches while Wyoming can’t help but love kebabs. If you want pasta, go to North Dakota, and for gelato, head to Kansas. Florida alone is responsible for some much of the love our classic burgers receive – and last but not least, Alaska cannot get enough of Chinese and Thai food.

It seems that every American has their own favourite food, and while a good number love the fancier foods, just as many will go for a simple dish as an exotic option from the other side of the world.

Instagram Food Trends - By State

If you’re interested to see what other things are popular by state, read our post about each state’s signature kitchen style. And for more blogs on kitchen ideas and food inspiration, head straight to our blog.

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