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Connecticut, US / Designer Fabiana Rodriguez

After moving into their new home with their three children, it wasn’t until Gina and Charlie had their Wren kitchen installed that they truly felt at home. They transformed a dull and impractical kitchen into a modern and fully functioning space, perfect for their young family. 

Timeless and versatile, the Shaker frame is a timeless and elegant backdrop for family life. The soft hues of Dove on the wall cabinetry give the illusion of more space whilst the contrasting tones of Pillow on the base units bring warmth to the contemporary design. Framing their cabinets in glistening Blanca Arabescata quartz countertops was both a practical and visual choice, with quartz being a non-porous manmade stone that prevents staining and allows for an easy clean up, an essential element in a busy home.  

In our lives, the kitchen is our centrepiece

Gina and Charlie now have adequate space to spend time with their children whilst baking thanks to the spacious island which acts as the hub and social point of the home. It’s the perfect place for Gina and Charlie to bake cookies with their children or help them with their homework. 

Gold handles adorn the traditional two-tone cabinetry adding a luxe feel to this serene space. By choosing a color palette with softer hues the couple have created a kitchen with a calm and cosy feel, the ideal setting for winding down with a glass of wine. 

A handy carousel corner cabinet replaces their previous non-functioning lazy Susan, giving Gina easy access to her cooking oils right next to the oven and stove. Incorporating space saving cabinetry is not the only practical design choice made during this process, with the couple using our VR tools to eliminate elements of prospective designs that wouldn’t work. The visual aids in our showrooms meant that Gina & Charlie could highlight any issues with potential designs and alter them to suit their family’s needs. 

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