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The best house plants that will thrive in your kitchen

Every room deserves a splash of greenery, especially in the kitchen, where you spend most of your time.

Not only do they add a lush splash of color and soften sharp lines, but they have some real health benefits too. They have an instant calming effect, and plants can purify the air too as the renowned 1989 NASA study revealed that houseplants can reduce indoor pollutants. Plus, there are even some plants out there to mitigate a few pest problems (bye-bye flies!)

There’s honestly a plant out there to suit everyone’s tastes and horticultural knowledge (or lack of it!) from sweet hanging kitchen plants on shelving, to small yet perfectly formed prickles on windowsills and easy to care for succulents on a dining table.

But if you’re wondering what kinds of plants can actually succeed in your kitchen, it depends on the set-up of your home…. everyone has a different design with windows and natural light, countertop space, how often you cook, temperature and more that can affect how your plants flourish.

And if your kitchen has no windows at all, consider installing LED lights under cabinets to support small potted plants – they won’t frizzle as LEDs don’t emit heat.

So, if you’re shopping around for plants in the kitchen, discover our top 10 favorites to create your very own swanky tropical paradise.

1. Aloe vera

This striking soft green plant actually has soothing benefits if you burn yourself – it’s perfect to sit by the oven. Pinch off a leaf and squeeze the gel substance onto minor burns. It has anti-inflammatory properties, so it speeds the healing process.

It’s a bright light lover, so be sure to place it by the window and let it dry out between waterings.

2. Spider plant

This crazy-leaf plant adds texture and interest to a kitchen and even has a curly variety. It can either be a hanging kitchen plant or placed on top of cabinets to save your precious worktop space.

They thrive in bright light, but they do fine in low light as well as various humidity and temperature levels, so they’ll prosper wherever you put them in your kitchen.

3. Venus fly trap

These snappy little plants do what they say on the tin: they trap flies! It won’t totally get rid of your kitchen pests, but it will help, so place them on the windowsill where flies tend to congregate.

Not only are they handy to have around the kitchen, but they’re actually cute to look at and don’t take up too much space. They’d look great in an ultra-modern kitchen with their futuristic funny looks.

They’re easy-going carnivorous plants and need to be kept moist.

4. Lavender

A rustic terracotta pot looks great with lavender, and it fits perfectly in a charming cottage style kitchen.

Not only does it bring relaxing odors with it, but it actually repels bugs like flies, mosquitos and moths – perfect for keeping away insect critters in the kitchen!

5. Herbs

A kitchen wouldn’t be a kitchen without a selection of herbs, would it?! Think about hanging them in a rustic planter hooked on a steel bar to open up space on your windowsill or countertop.

However, do take note that some herbs are more suited to lower light levels than others. If you have a sunny window, small pots of basil and rosemary will thrive. But if your kitchen is on the dark side, stick with less fussy herbs such as parsley, mint, and chives – unless you provide supplemental light.

6. String of pearls

Hanging kitchen plants are on trend at the moment as they bring an extra dimension to the space. They can take pride of place on floating or integrated shelving in your kitchen. They’re also perfect at drawing attention away and camouflaging wires and plug sockets in your kitchen.

The string of pearls succulent is an easy one to care for and it enjoys a bright area in your kitchen. Water only when the soil dries out and then water thoroughly.

7. Peace lily

This beauty does what it says in the name – brings peace to your home by breaking down toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and purifies the air.

Not only is it practical, but it’s pretty too, with bright white blossoms which would look happily in situ on a kitchen island or dining table. Its delicate esthetic means it would suit any kitchen design, however if you’re going for an all-white theme then it’s the one for you!

It prefers indirect sunlight and it’s easy to care for as when it starts to droop, then give it a drink and within hours it will perk back up.

8. Snake plant

To add different heights and textures to your space, the snake plant is the perfect solution, especially if you want floor-dwelling plants for the kitchen.

Perfect for smaller spaces, its leaves are very compact and upright, meaning that there’s very little interference when you’re near it. Also, they’re extremely easy to grow, even in low light, you can just water every once in a while.

9. English ivy

To reduce mold and bacteria in your kitchen, this lush English ivy plant is the perfect way to help purify the air!

It adds a beautiful splash of color to cream and white kitchens, and you’re sure to find a shade that suits you as their leaves come in a variety of colors such as whites, yellows and blacks.

These hanging kitchen plants should be kept well away from your four-legged friends such as cats and dogs as it’s toxic to them.

10. Aluminum plant

Have you got an industrial style kitchen, or stainless steel appliances or splashback? Well, the aluminum plant has stunning green and metallic silver leaves, so it will be a perfect addition to soften up your urban style kitchen space.

As it’s a hanging plant, it means you’ll save valuable worktop space but remember to keep it away from hot or cold drafts (like your radiator).

Any of these lush lookers will bring style and benefits to your kitchen design, but remember to take into account how much space you have and if there’s enough light. And who knew plants had so many health benefits in the kitchen?! Give it a go and become plant savvy to reap the rewards.

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