Revealed: How much do Americans spend on pet food

Pets in the kitchen

Let’s face it, we all love to treat our pets every once in a while. Whether it’s getting your dog that plush new squeaky toy or building an elaborate multi-tiered penthouse for the cat, it seems there’s nothing us Americans won’t do to pamper our furry friends.

And when it comes to food, it seems some of our country’s pets are living in the lap of luxury and making the kitchen their own. We’ve crunched the numbers on America’s pet food spending to reveal just how well some of our beloved animals really eat!

Some pets eat better than their owners

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as stocking up on your favourite food and drink when you know you’ve kept within your monthly food budget, but what about your pet budget? Just how much of that remaining money goes towards packets of cat food and boxes of dog treats? How many of our pets have their very own food pantry?

You might be surprised to discover that 6% of Americans spend more on their pet food than they do on their household food while over one in 10 (11%) spend the same on their pet food as they do on their household food.

Yes, from the caviar of cat food to Michelin dog mix, some of our adorable animal companions are treated to more than the occasional banquet while we sit down for a Sunday Lunch. And while we’re sneaking that naughty bit of chocolate, they’re nuzzling us for that next bowlful of treats.

Dog in the kitchen

With such a vast range of high-quality and healthy food options to choose from, it’s no wonder those who want to the best for their pets might spend a little extra to get that low-fat, gum-friendly turkey kibble mix. Or maybe it’s just those puppy dog eyes and sympathetic purrs that tug our heartstrings while they curl around our legs during dinner.

Yet it’s not just the most extravagant packets of nibbles that our adored pets are chowing down on, plenty of pets are getting their own seat at the table.

How many pets get a home-cooked meal?

As a country of pet lovers, it won’t come as a surprise to hear that as well as enjoying their own luxury food, it’s not uncommon for pets to get a taste for ours.

We’ve all been there, clearing up after dinner only to find our four-legged friend sneaking a lost pea that rolled besides their bed under the countertops or slinking out their cubby-hole to saunter across the countertops and sniff what we’ve put in the sink.

Our research shows that over one in ten Americans (11%) let their pets eat off their plate. The odd bit of chicken or end of the fish you couldn’t quite finish is a tasty delicacy for them. Just makes sure it’s not toxic for your furry friend and keep that trash can locked safely under the sink.

Pet-friendly kitchen

With our pets always scampering by our sides it’s no wonder they get all the titbits. They even get their tongues on our kitchenware with one in five Americans (20%) allowing their pets to lick their plates clean. But who doesn’t like a bit of help with the washing up?

But above all, we all love a good home-cooked meal, and it seems our pets do too. According to our study, more than a quarter of Americans (27%) feed their pets home cooked food on a regular basis. Not only that, but one in ten (10%) Americans eat exactly the same meal as their pets!

That doesn’t mean they’re sharing in the delights stowed away in their pooch’s private pantry. Instead, they’re part of a growing trend of pet owners sharing guides and recipes online designed to provide healthy meals that not only taste great but help us bond with our furry friends. It certainly makes the prep work more interesting, and you can even get dedicated food and water stations for your kitchen island or unit, making it easier for your pets to join in mealtimes.

Which Americans spend the most on pet food?

So, with all those facts out the way, which American’s are most responsible for our pet’s lavished tastes and pampered lifestyles?

Well, after interviewing pet owners across the country, we can reveal that people in Austin spent the most on average each month at $78! Los Angeles takes a close second at $76 but it’s pet owners in Columbus who show the most restraint, spending just £$51 per month on their pet’s dinner.

It seems that on average, we Americans spend $65 on our pet’s dinner. Far from there being a state divide, it appears that pet owners across the country enjoy splashing out on their pawed pals in equal measure.

Average US spend on pets

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