Kitchen design trends: what is each state’s signature style?

While it’s true that interior design is often down to personal preference, sometimes the way you style your space can be influenced by your environment and lifestyle. For instance, do you live in the country or the city?

To determine the trends that are most common across the country, we’ve researched which style dominates each state. With the top trends nationwide being modern, industrial, and rustic, how you can achieve the same style within your home and kitchen?

Modern kitchens are the most common across the country

A modern kitchen can breathe contemporary life into your home and has become the leading look in more than a quarter of all US states, including prominence across Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Illinois.

Combining sleek storage, broad countertops, and elegant appliances, a contemporary kitchen is built upon minimalist features that offer timeless charm. For instance, integrated appliances and handleless cabinetry help to declutter your design. Another simple way to modernize your space is taking your use of color into consideration; block shades work well, while whites and light greys help to give your kitchen a sense of welcoming homeliness.

Whether you’re complementing your contemporary home or looking to offer a sophisticated twist to your traditional space, make a modern design your own.

Take industrial inspiration when styling your home

The industrial look has become a popular style across the US and is the most sought-after finish in 11 different states, including Texas, Colorado, and Virginia. The style is underpinned by long-lasting and durable design, practical features, and stylish use of metallic elements. In essence, an industrial kitchen is fashioned to operate with uncomplicated ease.

The great thing about an industrial kitchen is that it can work alongside most other styles, from contemporary chic to country farmhouse and traditional; the core design is centered around spacious preparation surfaces, practical storage, and ease-of-movement between cooktop, countertops, and appliances.

What goes into styling a rustic-look space?

Rustic kitchen features offer charming warmth and cozy character, so it’s no surprise the style has become so popular across the US; it’s the favored look in six separate states, including New Hampshire, Montana, and Maine.

Achieve the finish with effortless simplicity, by leaning towards more natural materials; one’s you might commonly find within a farmhouse or country cottage. These include wooden beaming and shabby chic cabinetry, bold metal accessories, and sturdy stone flooring.

In terms of color, a rustic design is styled around a relatively neutral palette, so avoid bright and vibrant tones. Instead, consider organic shades, which should come naturally from your wooden, stone, and tiled features.

What other design trends are popular across the US?

Other popular designs found in kitchens across the US include Asian, Scandinavian, bohemian, beach house, and colonial, all placing as the most popular style in at least a couple of different states. We’ve given a little insight into how you can achieve each.

What makes an Asian-style kitchen?

If you’re thinking of altering your aesthetic and injecting an Asian influence into your home, it’s important to place great emphasis on elegant simplicity. Draw inspiration from the natural world, to create sleek balance and Feng Shui harmony; but don’t be afraid to also use sharp color in moderation.

How to achieve a Scandi-style home

To give your home a Scandinavian feel, it’s important to include plenty of wooden features, from your flooring and countertops to your cabinetry and accessories. A Scandinavian-style space should have a modern feel, with simplicity at its core.

Giving your home a bohemian feel

A bohemian kitchen is oozing with character, complete with colorful cabinetry, appliances, and features. Don’t be afraid to give your space a splash of texture, and really make the design a reflection of your own personality.

The key features of a beach house

As is likely expected, a beach house-style home is one that takes inspiration from coastal locations. Think complementary blues and whites, casual seating, and effortless elegance; a coastal kitchen is styled for comfort after a day enjoying the summer sun, after all.

Achieving a colonial kitchen

Taking inspiration from early America, a colonial kitchen is styled around those of the 17th and 18th century. Consider classic features, a subtle palette, and natural wooden flooring and countertops, for the perfect open-plan space.

With so many interior styles to choose from, it’s only natural that there’s variation between states and regions across the country. Discover even more kitchen inspiration from our experts, or discover all the latest over on our blog.

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