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How to Theme Your Kitchen with Colors

From bright and pastel colors through sophisticated grays and brooding blacks to ever-popular neutrals and exciting elementals, cabinets come in a huge palette of colors.

Wren’s luxury Infinity Plus collection has the most choice with the Sherwin-Williams® ColorSnap® palette of more than 1,500 incredible colors. There’s also 36 naturally inspired Elements finishes, satin, gloss and textured timber shades to choose from.

There are endless themes to choose from, but some popular choices include farmhouse, Italian, Art Deco, Scandinavian and French. Each has colors associated with them, which can either be directly applied to your kitchen, or used as a starting point for influence.

While you don’t need to commit fully to a themed kitchen, knowing the styles and trends you’d like to emulate will help you to determine the colors you should use.

This helpful guide contains some designs you could emulate in your own home…

Timeless and traditional

Neutral colors are here to stay – they represent cleanliness and have a calming effect. Start by choosing traditional colors for your cabinets such as soft taupes, light pewters, wonderful whites and seafoam blues. And for the walls, ensure you don’t distract away from the cabinets by choosing a simple scheme such as a white or tan. You could add a splash of color with a marble or brass-style backsplash.

Also the timeless blue and gray combination has been around for generations. It offers cool yet traditional vibes. Sophisticated sage or olive is also a kitchen color scheme that’s not going away anytime soon.

Save the bold touches for accessories, soft furnishings, and wall hangings. For instance if you love forest green, a good place to utilize the color is in your seat cushions rather than painting your cabinets green.

Cool and contemporary

Have fun with your color palette if you have a sleek style kitchen. Unfussy cabinetry is the perfect canvas to choose deep dark colors such as teal which treads the line between green and blue. Remember if you have a naturally darker space then this could make your room look smaller. So it doesn’t become overwhelmed, don’t forget to choose neutral tiling or a stainless steel backsplash.

Have fun with textures too, such as deep dark quartz countertops, leather bar stools and metallic lighting. You can also bring texture to the kitchen units with faux grained lumber finishes such as antique oak and Italian walnut.

Sweet shop retro

If you want to showcase your personality, then make a real statement with retro hues such as pastel pinks, baby blues and pina colada yellows. Wren’s Juratek colors is the perfect palette to choose from.

For a playful feel, why not mix and match your colors splashed on handleless style units. Add a sleek, metallic profile to create a sense of glamour. Remember to keep your walls clean and simple so the colorful cabinets pop in your space.

Ubran industrial

Be inspired by raw elements to create an industrial-style kitchen. Think concretes, coppers, slates and muted golds. Wren’s Elements range offers a wide variety of choice to color your cabinets in faux natural inspired designs.

We’d advise only mixing-and-matching two of the textured colors. One for a focal area such as an island and the other for the rest of your units. Combine it with stainless steel appliances, textured brick backsplash and icy quartz countertops.

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