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How to create an ultra-contemporary kitchen

If you want a contemporary look, choose a handleless range that celebrates uninterrupted runs of smooth, sleek cabinets. Combine colors and textures to make a room that’s so much more than simply a place to cook.

Here’s our guide to designing an ultra-contemporary kitchen…

Sleek cabinets

The best place to start when you’re planning a contemporary kitchen is the choice of cabinets. Wren has a great selection of contemporary, handleless ranges in both Infinity and Infinity Plus collections, so there’s options for every budget. Explore sleek Roma in our Infinity collection and designer-style Milano in Infinity Plus.

Color palette

A narrow color palette works best but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. With a texture or patterned finish like the Elements range you can add interest and detail to a room and keep it harmonious. A couple of cabinets in a contrasting neutral color adds light.

Accessories & appliances

Avoid spoiling the clean lines of your minimalist design by keeping clutter to a minimum – a few chic ceramics or stylish objects will finish the look perfectly. Sleek integrated chrome appliances will fit right in.


In a contemporary kitchen, less is often more. Central to this layout is an island which includes the sink and casual dining bar, making it the practical and social hub of the room. Perfect for relaxing after a busy day.


When you’re choosing flooring, stick to a simple aesthetic with a floor that won’t take attention away from your cabinets such as an on-trend herringbone wood effect floor. Or to create a showstopping look, why not opt for a matching floor that mirrors your worktops or backsplash such as marble floor tiles and a veined, quartz worktop.

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