How to Create a Japandi Style Kitchen

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, Japandi is a mix of Japenese and Scandinavian styles – a calming fusion from two different sides of the globe. This trend lends itself perfectly to the kitchen space as it blends the smooth, modern lines of Scandinavian design with the elegant yet functional Japanese esthetic. Minimalist yet welcoming, Japandi is all about using calming colors, lots of textures and natural materials. 

It’s standing the test of time and it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Wren’s design experts reveal their top tips on how to blend these two styles seamlessly…

Keep it natural 

Design a Japandi style kitchen with Wren’s Elements color collection – such as this Infinity Plus Milano Elements kitchen in Harvest Oak.

Create a serene environment in your kitchen space by sticking to a neutral color palette on both your walls and your cabinets. Neutral airy hues such as white, brown, gray, beige, taupe, olive greens and surrounding shades add a sense of calm.

The Japandi theme is also inspired by nature, so be sure to incorporate natural-style materials from Wren’s Elements color collection. This offers a warm, textured look with a premium twist especially when you pair two textures on your kitchen cabinets. 

Functional minimalist design

Create an organized, minimalistic design with a handleless kitchen range such as Wren Kitchens’ Infinity Plus Milano Elements (pictured).

Simplicity is innately calming, so it makes sense that clean lines are paramount in providing a tranquil space. Handleless kitchens are a great place to start creating a harmonious atmosphere. Kitchen ranges such as Wren’s Infinity Plus Milano is sleek and elegant with the option of a metallic profile for that added glamor. 

People and functionality are at the heart of Japandi design and you can achieve this by tailoring your kitchen to the way you live. Create key zones in your kitchen space such as a communal island, dedicated cocktail or coffee station and a cozy seating area. This ensures your space is functional yet stylish for all to enjoy.

Maintain order 

Incorporate smart storage cabinets to hide away the clutter and display your showpieces on quartz shelving. 

Japandi design embraces the notion that “less is more” so don’t forget clever integrated storage is essential to maintain a Zen-like sense of calm in your space. 

A mixture of integrated and open storage are the key ingredients. By bringing an expert kitchen designer on board, they will be able to help you make the most out of your space and maximize awkward areas so you can maintain order on the inside of your cabinets too. Think pull-out larder cabinets, magic corners, extra deep pan drawers and integrated bins.

Invest in your countertops

Hardwearing and a stunning natural stone, Xena Quartz countertops are key in creating a Japandi style kitchen.

Quality craftsmanship is key to the Japandi design and countertops are a high traffic area that will need to stand the test of time. 

Xena Quartz stone countertops are hardwearing with a 25 year guarantee, and they’re easy to maintain as well as offer designer looks inspired by nature. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns, but for a Japandi style kitchen, the icy white finish is the perfect option, or for a dramatic luxe touch, choose one with exaggerated veining such as Bellagio. 

Accessorize with texture

Be inspired by nature by choosing natural materials such as green plants, woods and organic linens. 

The outdoor theme comes to mind when talking about Japandi. Bring the outside in with accessorize such as lush green plants, concrete style crockery, Japanese artwork and handcrafted vases. If you have neutral cabinets, pair them with lots of natural wood such as a statement birch slated wall and a rustic natural table and chairs. Add extra cozy warmth with organic linens, wool cushions and a seagrass rug. 

If you want to incorporate a little luxe, add glimmers of metallic elements such as rustic brass around your kitchen space.

Looking to create your own Japandi haven? Get in touch with an expert kitchen designer today.

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