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How to create a compact apartment kitchen

With clever layout, great color choices and accessories, you can make your multi-functional room a standout – and create the perfect place to cook, eat and relax. It’s an ideal combination that can work for everyone.  

Here’s how to get started


With their new sleeker profiles, handleless cabinets excel in smaller spaces making even the tightest of corners useable. For stylish minimalism choose the Milano range and keep it simple with a matching profile. Take cabinets to ceiling height to maximise storage and group appliances together in one run of cabinets.


When space is at a premium, rooms are often multi-functional. With a kitchen-dining-living room combination, they key is to create a harmonious space with defined areas. An island or peninsula makes a great divider as well as workspace and dining area.


Playing around with countertop depths makes a real design statement. A thick luxury slab laminate looks great used on an island top and sides. Team with a slimline countertop – and add drama with a marble-style backsplash that’s unique.


Open up a world of possibilities with Milano Elements – a range of patterned and textured finishes inspired by nature. Pair your choice with an island in a contrasting color and unite your design with matching metal profiles and countertops. And there’s no need to sick to one cabinet color; two or even three colors can work together well wonderfully.

Appliances & accessories

Make every item count – useful, beautiful or both. If you can’t hide washers away in a laundry room, consider an integrated one. Coordinated stainless steel and chrome faucets, sink, refrigerator, ovens and extractor reflect light and work well together.

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