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How to add a winter color palette to your kitchen

With winter officially upon us, now is the perfect time to think about restyling your home to create a cozy and inviting space as we start to spend more time indoors.

Turn up the color temperature in your kitchen with these warming color palettes which will create a tranquil space to relax, cook and entertain in.

Whether it’s something as simple as a new stack of cushions, a lick of paint on your kitchen walls, adding a new light fitting or going all-out with a completely new design.

We’ve put together five of our favorite color palettes inspired by the winter season with deep dark colors and snowy lights. And with more than 1,500 colors to choose from with ColorSnap technology from Sherwin-Williams, the possibilities are endless to create an inviting and snuggly space for you and your family. 

Dramatic blacks with soft timber and muted metals

Typically, white is used for a ‘classic’ kitchen look but taking risks with contrasts of darker colors is becoming a theme.

We can expect to continue seeing dark matt colors being used for cabinetry finishes as well as hardware accents in our kitchens over the next few years. Dark kitchen cabinets represent elegance and a rich luxurious esthetic, casting a little drama over the room – the Wren Shaker kitchen in Alchemy matt is an excellent example of this.

This color creates a cozy space, especially in light and airy rooms, but if you have a small kitchen use this color in small amounts as it may create an enclosed feel. Such as a feature wall, light fittings or soft furnishings.

To soften the look, combine it with warming timber which can be in the form of a table and chairs, countertops or a mantle over your cooker. For a stand-out statement combine it with muted metals such as antique brass handles, muted gold taps and bronze table settings.

Forest greens with hints of golds and blacks

There’s nothing more earthy and warming than forest green cabinetry such as Wren’s Shaker Chelsea – marry it with golds and warm whites – you just can’t go wrong!

This traditional yet modern design offers a super sophisticated timeless esthetic. Plus, this versatile color palette is a trend that’s here to stay and you can play around with how you accessorize it depending on how you feel and what season it is. Think deep grays and blacks during the cooler spells and neutral creams and terracotta accents in the summer.

Just want to add a touch of green? Add textures that are soft to touch such as velvet green cushions and gold and black tapestry artwork.

Stylish dark wood and berry tones

Warmer and darker wood grains are back in such as gray oak countertops and Italian grained cabinetry from Wren’s natural themed Elements range.

This look is influenced by the rise of old meets new and mid-century furniture. You could bind the theme with vintage furniture such as a retro side table or pendant lights.

Complete the style with lashings of soft furnishings and marry it with bold tonnes such as deep berry hues or even lush aubergine. These could take the form of velvet burgundy curtains to cover up your bi-folds or a sheepskin rug over your bench seating.

Blues and icy whites

Deep blue winter skies and snowy hills depict the perfect chilly scenery. This very look can be mirrored in your kitchen, but we can show you how to take the chill off it.

Midnight or navy blue cabinets create a rich esthetic, especially when combined with chrome handles and a streak of metallic profiling underneath the cabinets. Glistening snowy white quartz countertops complete this winter scene.

Similar to earthy greens, blue looks magical with gold accessories such as gold sputnik lighting or sleek gold bar handles.

Warm up the look with plenty of amber lighting and thick, snuggly materials such as velour, velvet, faux fur and fleecy textures.

Luxe marble tones with pebble greys

Bring the outside in during winter and have fun incorporating marbled patterns such as veined quartz countertops and backsplashes. There’s also an array of marble themed utensils, table settings and even small kitchen electrics such as toasters and kettles to bring the theme to your space.

This creates a luxurious feel to your space and creates a unique yet cozy esthetic.

Pair this look with natural themed cabinetry such as Wren’s Elements range with grains and textures like concrete oak, Italian concrete for a darker shade or even metallic night for a dramatic look.

These opulent textured colors bring light and warmth to the space by contrasting with one another. A light-reflecting backsplash such as stainless steel will ensure your space continues to feel bright throughout the darker months.

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