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Happy Halloween: Last Minute Treats and Costume Ideas!

Halloween can be a stressful time for parents. There’s a lot to think about, from sorting out of the children’s costumes, to making sure you have enough snacks for the incoming trick or treaters! So, to help you out, we’ve put together a list of quick and easy costume and treat ideas.

The Costumes…

These last minute outfits can all be made from items you’re sure to have lying around the house.

1. Bat with Umbrella Wings!

Have an old black umbrella hanging around? Well repurpose it to create a seriously impressive bat costume. Just cut it in half and use safety pins or a hot glue gun to attach it to the arms of a black hoodie. Then fasten the metal hinges with black electrical tape. Finish it off with foam ears and feathers.

2. Ghost Made from Bedsheets

The failsafe bed sheet ghost costume is our personal favorite. Amazingly simple but very effective, this is a Halloween classic. Grab an old bed sheet and cut it to size so your child can wear it as a gown.

Make two holes for the eyes and cut out a strip to tie around the waist, to hold the sheet in place. This costume can also be fashioned from a white dress, or trousers and a t-shirt. Pick up some fake blood and white face paint from your local grocery store to add a bit of detail to the outfit and you’re good to go!

3. Quick Pirate Costume

Got a little waistcoat and a stripy top hanging around? Then it will form the perfect pirate costume. If you haven’t got a wasitcoat then don’t worry, you can easily make one out of some old black material.

Add a cute neckerchief to finish it off and use charcoal eyeliner to draw on a curly moustache.

If you want to accessorize with a hat then make one out of cardboard. Measure the circumference of your child’s head and cut a strip of cardboard to size. Cut out the shape of the pirate hat and let your child decorate it. Then staple the hat to the headband – ta-dah!

4. No-Sew Scarecrow

For a toddler, a scarecrow is a nice friendly option. It’s an easy, not-so-scary way to feel seasonal. Transform hand-me-down overalls (preferably denim) into a classic Halloween look by adding patches with marterial glue and a makeshift rope belt. Then wear them with a plaid shirt and burlap hat. And why not create an adult version – nothing looks cuter than co-ordinating with your little one?!

5. Go-to Pumpkin

This traditional look is always a winner with the little ones! All you need is an orange sweater/t-shirt, black leggings and some old black material. Cut out the pumpkin eyes and mouth from the old black material and stick or velcro to the orange top. There are lots of templates online to follow. If you have any green felt, then it would be great to stitch it into the collar.

To create a cute look for girls add a black tu-tu and stripy orange and black tights. Have fun with facepaints too with orange, blacks and greens and paint the face like a pumpkin with black lines.

Halloween Treats

Maybe you’re hosting a Halloween party, or you just want to make up some delicious treats with the kids for the trick or treaters. Whatever the reason, these crafty Halloween themed treats will get you into the spirit of things!

1. Ghost pops

Halloween Ghost Lollipops

Check out this great idea from The Purple Pumpkin Blog for making lollipop ghosts. A brilliant for using up any leftover costume material. They’re fun and easy to make so the kids can join in as well. The end result looks superb, much more effective than just giving out ordinary lollipops!

2. Marshmallow Pops

Another really simple idea from The Purple Pumpkin Blog is to make marshmallow ghost pops. All you’ll need is some marshmallows, food coloring and lollypop sticks or skewers. These pops couldn’t be easier to make and they should keep the kids occupied for the afternoon as well!

3. Pumpkin Rice Crispie Treats

Create a chocolate rice crispie chocolate mixture with a little orange food coloring and once cooled, shape them into golf ball sizes. Tip: Spray your hands with low-fat cooking spray so the mixture doesn’t stick. Add a pretzel cut into a stick shape or a chocolate on the top of the ball and add a green candy as a leaf. Let them dry and then store in an air-tight container.

4. Chocolate Orange Spider Jelly

Follow the instructions on your orange jelly packet mix and add them in individual bowls. Melt some chocolate in the microwave (1-2 mins should do it). Pour the melted chocolate into a small freezer bag. Make a piping bag by snipping off a tiny piece of one corner.

Now pipe out spider-web shapes onto baking parchment: pipe a circle with a smaller circle inside, then pipe lines coming out from the centre like the spokes of a wheel.

Place the chocolate spider webs in the fridge to harden. Just before serving, carefully peel away each spider web from the parchment and place on top of a jelly.

5. Graveyard Cookie Jar

No recipe necessary! Grab an extra large jar and arrange crumbled chocolate cake as dirt in the “grave yard”. Buy some candy bones, and tombstone sugar cookies and arrange as a centerpeice for your table!

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