Five Top Tips to Take a Picture-Perfect Kitchen

Looking to take the perfect insta-worthy photograph of your dream kitchen space? Then look no further as we’ve gathered the hottest yet effective tips ready for you to get snapping!

Instagram and Pinterest are the ultimate hot spots to discover the latest trends in home décor and design. With a quick search and scroll, you can explore a wealth of finished kitchens from around the world while getting ideas and inspo for your own.

At Wren, we love to share our customer’s beautiful bespoke spaces and encourage you to tag us in any pictures you take! But before you do, we’ve spoken to our expert in-house photography team to bring you camera tips and tricks to get your kitchen picture-perfect and insta-ready!

Pro-Photography Tips


Take advantage of natural lighting to get stunning photos. Avoid using inbuilt flash or direct sunlight in the middle of the day, as these can produce harsh shadows.


Natural daylight will make a massive difference to the quality of your photos and help give a sharper looking image.


Shoot with the camera at or slightly above mid-room height, so you are not looking down on the cabinets and try to keep the walls vertical. Move around the room and test out different places to stand so you can take the best shot.


Ensure your kitchen looks fantastic by checking your images are at 100% full resolution. Ideally, photos need to be 5mb in size to provide good quality.


Don’t be afraid to move things around. Take 5 minutes to tidy up and remove any distracting elements. You could even add some finishing touches by adding books, plants or blankets.

For a source of inspiration on how to style your space, check out our Pinterest page!

Now you know how to take picture-perfect images, it’s time to get snapping!

Show us your wonderful kitchens by sharing them on Instagram and tagging us in any shots you take with the hashtag #wrenovation.

Happy snapping!

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