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Five Stylish Ways to Halloween-Up Your Kitchen

Halloween is probably everyone’s favourite time of year – you can act crazy, have fun and dress up. It’s all well and good creating a creepy theme throughout your home, however the kitchen is a little more difficult as you need to be precise with your décor so it doesn’t clutter up your cooking and preparation space.

We catch up with our favourite #Wrenovations to discover some spooktacular Halloween themed designs. From painted pumpkins to autumnal themed garlands – we think they look fangtastic in all styles of kitchens from Shaker to Country and Handleless designs.

Go pumpkin crazy

They’re cheap and cheerful and instantly add a rustic vibe to your kitchen space – the pumpkin is the king of spicing up your kitchen décor this Halloween!

Add multiple pumpkins on shelving or kitchen islands to create an informal look. Or if you want to add a touch of sophistication then why not spray the vegetables either gold or white? They look fantastic when you tie it in with your kitchen accessories such as gold handles or pendant lighting.

Bring the outside in

Make use of mother nature and forage some leaves and pinecones to make a mini display on your kitchen table, island or dresser. Make sure you have space for it and that it doesn’t get in the way of preparing food!

Pair it with glistening golden tea lights and spices such as cinnamon sticks and dried lemons or oranges. Not only do they look good, but they smell sweet too!

Accessorize with autumnal colors

Want to bring an autumnal look into your kitchen without spending a lot? Instead of changing the color of your cabinets or walls why not swop out rustic pieces such as bar stools or lighting to create a cosy new look?

It’s a great way to create a fresh new look in your kitchen whilst following the seasons and your moods.

We think these burnt orange stools (and matching PJs!) are stunning with the chesterfield style button back and dark wooden legs.

Add a rug and some velvet curtains to your bifold doors and you’ve created a snuggly haven ready for the fall/winter months!

Add a garland

Using the tops of your cabinetry is a great way to accessorize your kitchen with a pretty autumnal garland. It ensures your countertop space is left clear too.

Add a colored garland that stands out against your units such as this bright red and orange version.

Tie it in with sweet miniature pumpkins (or even large ones!) for a fully spooktacular feel. Once Halloween has passed, you can remove the pumpkins but keep the garland for a while before replacing it with a winter one!

Paint a pumpkin

Put down your spoon and carving knife and pick up your paint brush as pumpkin carving is out of fashion. Get arty this Halloween and use your pumpkin as a canvas and paint it!

Believe it or not you can paint whatever you want on your pumpkin with acrylic or latex paint. It’s a fun thing to do with your little ones too.

If you want a clean base color such as white, black or gold use spray paint which leaves a fine finish. Many people personalize their pumpkins by stencilling their names on them to make it a family affair.  

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