Eight Ways to Add Value to Your Kitchen

There are several ways you can boost your property’s value, but kitchens are a great place to start as rooms go. So whether you’re preparing to sell, or simply futureproofing your home, here are eight kitchen design tips that will help increase the value of your home…

1. Introduce quartz countertops for durability

Quality countertops are worth the investment, as they’re super durable and stand the test of time. Quartz is the best selling countertop and we’re not surprised with its non-porous properties which means it requires less upkeep than any other countertop. Choose subtle colors and patterns for a sophisticated feel such as cool Carrara Marmi or subtle Portico Cream with some small veining. 

2. Integrate energy-efficient appliances 

Having energy-efficient appliances is a big bonus if you’re either trying to sell your home, increase its future value or decrease your energy bills in general! Buyers will especially appreciate anything that will help them save money on their monthly utility bills. Opt for quality brands and be sure to check how energy-efficient they are.

3. Install an island 

An island design creates a multifunctional space which will appeal to everyone and it showcases a flexible layout for cooking, dining, socializing and everything else inbetween! And if you’re selling, it truly offers the instant ‘wow factor’. No space? No worries, add a peninsula or breakfast bar that offers a similar solution! 

4. Hidden storage solutions

Integrated storage such as larders and wide drawers are a great way to show that you have ample room. Plus, clever interior storage means you can hide the clutter and free up countertop space. Make use out of every single inch of space such as corner pull-out options. Don’t forget the inside can look just as beautiful as the outside, with different interior color options and don’t forget to organize your clutter with uniform jars and cutlery inserts for example.

5. Waterproof & timeless flooring

Neutral wooden style flooring is a win, as it will always be in fashion and suits any style or shade of kitchen. Naturally-inspired shades such as rustic oak and gray are a perfect match for a timeless space.

6. Stick to soft shades

Choosing a neutral color scheme for your kitchen cabinets is essential for creating a calming and appealing space for all to enjoy. We’re talking about pebble gray, cashmere cream and wonderful white shades. If you’re thinking of selling your home in a few years and love a splash of color, you could add a vibrant hue on a feature wall, this is an easy fix for anyone else if they want to change it. 

7. Get the latest tech

Investing in the latest tech in your kitchen will add value to your space, and home. Install the latest trending appliances such as instant boiling water taps, self-cleaning ovens and eco-efficient dishwashers to impress guests and potential new buyers. Don’t opt for gimmicky appliances such as coffee machines which are down to people’s preferences.

8. Illumination is key

A mix of spots and feature lights is essential in any space to illuminate working areas. But to enhance your kitchen cabinets one step further, choose plinth, under cabinet or interior cabinet lighting to highlight the true beauty of your kitchen and to create an ambiance. Don’t forget if your kitchen is north facing and gloomy, add more spotlights for that extra oomph!

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