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Create an Instagram-Worthy Kitchen in 5 Steps

Tired of lusting after other people’s homes on Instagram and Pinterest? Whether you are remodeling your house or simply seeking a little interior inspiration, Wren Kitchens Showroom Development and Design Director, Darren Watts, reveals five steps to creating a kitchen fit for the ‘gram:

Utilize Raw Materials

“Modern, on-trend industrial kitchens are particularly ‘instagrammable’ this year. To create a stylish, urban and functional kitchen that gives a nod to the industrial trend, opt for raw materials, rich tones and texture. Wren’s natural inspired Elements collection, features over 20 colors – the Metallic Amber, Gold and Rust alongside Copper Slate and Italian Concrete offer a unique, striking aesthetic.”

Make a Statement

As the heart of the home, it’s important that your kitchen stands out and makes a statement! A great way to do this is by adding feature faucets. Opting for brass, industrial-looking faucets with unusual handles and interesting features is a great way to draw the eye and compliment the space. Pair with similar finishes for cupboard and draw grips to keep a consistent style.”

Keep Your Kitchen Looking Sleek

“Cluttered kitchens are never easy on the eye. To ensure your kitchen looks consistently sleek I recommend investing in clever storage solutions that will keep the space tidy and clutter-free. Wren has over 70 storage options available – hidden drawers, magic corners, perfectly fitted spice racks and secretly hidden recycling bins – which are particularly great if you want a stylish solution that’s functional too.”

Creating a Kitchen Fit for Socializing

Dinner parties are the perfect time to show off your kitchen! One element that snap happy guests can’t resist is a kitchen island dinner table – no longer just an additional countertop and storage space, it creates stylish additional seating whilst creating a cozy atmosphere.

Wren’s kitchen designers are experts in creating perfectly bespoke islands come breakfast bars in numerous materials from mesmerizing Quartz to hard-wearing Luxury Laminate.

“Don’t forget to dress the space to impress – table runners, candles and color-coordinated crockery will ensure that your island becomes a focal point of the room.”

Fine Details & Finishing Touches

“The finer details and finishing touches are important to ensure your kitchen has a unique style that’s personal to you – it’s the little things that count! To add boho vibes showcase items you’ve collated over time from your travels, create a unique on-trend metallic backsplash with Tek Wall from Wren and stand-out handles can make a huge difference to the aesthetic of your kitchen.”

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