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Childproofing Your Kitchen

Arguably the busiest time in our lives, caring for a toddler is hard enough as it is, never mind taking into account all the hazards that the heart of the home presents! But with a little forward planning and the help of these nifty tips, you’ll have your kitchen crèche-ready in no time.

Read on for our tips on how to childproof your kitchen.


First and foremost, a healthy home is a happy home; particularly in the kitchen. Give your kitchen a good scrub, paying attention to the floors and baseboards, as this is where the little one is most likely to be found rummaging around (not to mention taste-testing everything in sight).


We all know the tell-tale scream of a bumped head, so for a cheap and easy, temporary solution, stick a dollop of Blu-Tac on your countertop corners. Voila! I realize this may not be a very aesthetic or permanent solution, however it works…


You need to keep in mind what is stored where – NEVER store plastic bags in lower units or drawers (ideally, eliminate the risk completely and use hessian or cotton bags), and keep your medicine cabinet locked and up high, just in case. Before you know it your bundle of joy will be the right height to reach cutlery drawers too, so make sure these don’t contain scissors and other sharp objects.

Stools and Chairs

It may just be something to sit on for us, but to a child, a chair or stool is like a challenge just waiting to be accepted! Keep chairs and stools away from countertops and tables to avoid your toddler climbing up high.


A must-have for all large appliances like fridge/freezers, washing machines, dishwashers and even cabinets is a child-proof lock – all major retailers stock them. For other, smaller appliances, ensure they are always unplugged and the cords wound up when not in use — even better, tuck them away in a cupboard to avoid them being accidentally pulled off a worktop or knocked over. For extra safety, invest in a clever stove guard and prevent any nasty hob accidents.

Hint – Crawl through your kitchen yourself and see what might be in reach!

The aim of this is to ensure your kitchen is a safe place for your little ones to enjoy, after all, the kitchen is the heart of the home and you want to create memories here! We’re thinking messy chocolate baking and hands-in-glitter type fun 🙂

Do you have any child-proofing kitchen tips to share?

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