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5 Spring Cleaning Kitchen Hacks

Lemon kitchen cleaning

The Clever Cleaning Guide to Your Kitchen

With longer days and lighter nights, the season of Spring often makes us feel more productive. Perhaps, you’re wondering when to start your annual spring clean of cluttered kitchen cupboards and disorganized drawers? Well, there’s no time like the present!

Ready, Steady, Go

Spring cleaning often starts with good intentions. You’re ready and raring to get stuck in, but it’s the keeping going that’s tough – as once you start, you can’t stop until you’ve finished. Why not set a timer for regular periods and work until it goes off? Once the time is up, take a well-deserved break and recharge before going again.

Be Smart with Storage

Storage space can be limited at the best of times, so it’s important to be smart and utilize all the space you have. Start by emptying your kitchen cupboards and giving them a thorough wipe down, cleaning away crumbs and spills from condiments. Next, edit out any items that you no longer want, need, use or are out of date.

Top tip: Remember if you are going to throw things away, be sure to consider if it can be donated or upcycled beforehand. When replacing your items into your cupboards, store similar items together in containers and jars – this will surprisingly create more space and a cleaner feel and look to your cupboards.

Lemon Lovin’

Lemon kitchen cleaning

For a brilliant all-natural (and nice smelling) cleaning agent, lemons are a great choice. The citric acid present in lemons acts as a natural antibacterial bleach, helping remove stubborn stains and blemishes. As well as this, lemons can also assist with a range of other household cleaning hacks too – they can degrease countertops, remove limescale from your faucet and sink, make glasswork gleam and freshen unwelcome odours in the air.

Reach for the Stars

The spring-cleaning season is set in place to focus on spots of the home that you perhaps forget about – ceilings, lights, cupboard tops and more. For the areas that are harder to reach, use an extendable duster or vacuum extension and create a spotless kitchen space.

Spritz and Sanitize

As previously mentioned, lemons are a great all-natural antibacterial cleaning product. Combined with limes and vinegar, you can create a sweet and sterile citrus spray. With its safe and eco-friendly properties, you can spritz and sanitize virtually anything in your kitchen. Pull up your rubber gloves and get cleaning!

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