5 Easy Recipes for Thanksgiving

Five easy Thanksgiving recipes 

Preparing your annual Thanksgiving dinner can be overwhelming, with a main to perfect, sides to prepare, a table to set and guests to entertain. We’re here to help make the day a little less frantic, with some easy but impressive Thanksgiving recipes that will wow your guests without adding too much effort for you. Everyone has their own method for cooking turkey, so we’ve picked five fantastic options to complement a beautifully roasted bird without overshadowing it. 

‘Simple is best’ stuffing

Technically, this is ‘dressing’ rather than ‘stuffing’ as it’s cooked in a casserole dish instead of inside the turkey, but this delicious recipe from Epicurious is tasty enough that your guests won’t really care what you call it. With no sausage meat to add or complicated toppings to worry about, you can prepare this classic recipe the day before Thanksgiving. Then, on the day, slide it into the oven to bake 40-45 minutes before you serve. This recipe can also be made vegetarian-friendly by switching out chicken stock for a vegetable broth. 

Chipotle mashed sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are an essential at the Thanksgiving table – but this year, instead of the traditional marshmallow-topped side dish, why not try this delicious chipotle sweet potato recipe from A Sassy Spoon? The chipotle and adobo add a sweet and smoky flavor that your guests are sure to love. And to help you on your way to an easy Thanksgiving, you can even make this ahead of time and freeze for up to a week.

Bacon jam Brussels sprouts

Don’t settle for the usual bland boiled sprouts – instead try roasting them, and then transform them into a sweet, tangy, savory treat with this recipe from Wry Toast. And the best part? There’s just five ingredients. As a bonus, you can also make the bacon jam ahead of time, then simply spoon over the sprouts when they’re almost finished roasting for a velvety, glossy finish. 

Cranberry sauce with orange and cinnamon

Put a twist on the usual cranberry sauce by adding some subtle spice to go with your Thanksgiving side dishes. The citrus and cinnamon in this Bon Appetit recipe makes for a warming fall flavor – a worthy accompaniment to your Thanksgiving turkey. Plus, the sauce can be made a week in advance, giving the flavors time to really mingle and mature. You’ll never look at canned cranberry sauce again.

Pumpkin gingersnap ice cream pie

Even with all of our tips for an easy Thanksgiving, you’ve still got your work cut out for you on the day making sure that you get timings right. So cross one thing off your list, and pick a dessert that is easy to make, and can be prepared well ahead of time. This delicious ice cream pie from Taste of Home is full of pumpkin spice flavor, and all you need to do once it’s time for dessert is remove it from the freezer and serve.

Make sure your Thanksgiving is as easy as (pumpkin) pie with these recipes for delicious sides that your family will love – without adding extra stress for you. If you’re dreaming of a fully-equipped kitchen that would make your Thanksgiving prep even easier, request a brochure or book a showroom appointment with our experts. And for more kitchen tips and ideas, head to the Wren blog.  

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