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Our kitchens & manufacturing process

Manufacturing process

Our UK-based manufacturing facilities feature state-of-the-art machinery, which has been purpose-built to produce the highest quality finishes on our door panels and kitchen cabinets. The majority of our kitchen components are manufactured at our factory in North Lincolnshire, including parts which are hand sprayed by skilled craftsmen to ensure a flawless finish. All cabinets undergo rigorous testing before being packed for delivery.

We are continually reviewing and improving our manufacturing process, to ensure we always provide you with the highest quality products, at the most competitive prices.

Material sourcing

You know that we're passionate about our kitchens. We're also dedicated to being a responsible business. That's why we endeavour to bring you quality materials, which have been derived responsibly, from environmentally friendly sources.

The Wren Way Tree

Our step-by-step manufacturing process

The Raw Material
Pinpoint Accuracy
Work Surfaces
Fully Assembled
Ready, Set, GO!
Bird Steps
Bonded together
Smooth operator
Unique Paint Line
Protect & Pack
We believe in starting with the best raw materials. That's why we choose quality boards - from environmentally sound sources - to create solid kitchens that are hard-wearing and beautiful.
"Skilled craftspeople and precision machinery mean that all unit work and carpentry is done to pinpoint accuracy, ensuring a perfect fit every time. This attention to detail runs throughout the process from the initial sizing of boards to the drilling of every hole.
"We manufacture many of our own worktops, cutting them to lengths of up to four metres using a precise millimetric system. Once again, we use the advanced Bond-X system to edge all Wren work surfaces.
"We keep a huge quantity of units and worktops in stock so that we can get your new kitchen to you as soon as possible. We assemble them to order so your kitchen is made just for you and your space. A team of skilled craftspeople assemble all units on site, largely by hand. They will create your kitchen precisely to your agreed design, checking that every unit is exactly square and meets our demanding quality controls.
"This rigorous packing and quality control system means that by the time your kitchen leaves the loading bay, it has been checked, double checked and triple checked to make sure it’s in perfect condition, properly packed and complete so your installers can get started the moment it arrives.
Bird Steps
"Boards are cut to the right sizes in our workshops and edgings are applied using Wren’s unique Bond-X adhesive system. More water and heat resistant than the traditional hot melt systems in common use, Bond-X makes sure your kitchen is durable - it’s one of the reasons we can offer longer guarantees.
"Wren’s reverse rolling system of sanding and putty application removes even minute indentations from our doors. This makes them perfectly smooth before we apply the paint and finish.
"Our doors are painted using Wren’s specially-engineered, 230 metre-long paint line. This machine took two years to develop, and is the only one of its kind in the world. That’s why our doors have perfect, even finishes that don’t discolour over time.
"Once finished, our doors are covered in two coats of a unique water-based film for added protection. This remains in place until the units are safely installed in your home. Before transporting, all units are individually packed in a specially-developed protective shell so they arrive in perfect condition. We even photograph your kitchen before and after it’s packaged before it comes to you.

Build features: as standard

With over 35 years' experience, here at Wren we know what makes a good kitchen and we've developed our cabinets to be as stylish, practical and hardwearing as possible.

Soft Closing

Soft closing

Soft closing hinges and drawers means that your cabinets will be protected from any wear and tear that could be caused by cupboards slamming shut.

Extra Deep

Extra deep

Our wall cabinets are extra deep compared to our competitors, with a depth of 350mm. This means you will get an abundance of storage space in your kitchen.

Large Range

Large range

We have more cabinet options, door colours, styles and finish options than any other kitchen retailer so you can custom design your kitchens from our extensive range.

Seamless Finish

Seamless finish

Give your kitchen a seamless finish with our concealed wall hanging brackets. Specially designed to be hidden out of sight, these sturdy brackets will ensure your kitchen has a stylish finish.

Fully assembled*

Our Infinity and Infinity Plus kitchen cabinets and doors are all manufactured at our state-of-the-art factories. A purpose-built machine assembles the cabinets and ensures everything is correctly and firmly put together, meaning our cabinets are hard-wearing and durable. All drawer units, internal fittings and accessories are then fitted by a team of skilled craftsmen, unlike other manufacturers where you would have to fit these yourself. This eliminates any risk of missing parts and means fully complete cabinets arrive ready to be installed, quickly and easily into your home.

Fully Assembled

Fully assembled Infinity and Infinity Plus cabinets will save you valuable time and effort when you come to fit your new kitchen. As you can see from these pictures, Wren Infinity cabinets arrive carefully packaged and ready to install, saving you 30 minutes of assembly time per cabinet. Unlike our competitors' products which arrive flat-packed and in multiple boxes, taking much longer to unpack, let alone assemble.

*Please Note: Due to the size of the product being unable to fit through doors fully assembled, the following 3 cabinets are supplied part assembled, or flat packed - L-shaped corner unit, internal corner unit and 45 degree larder unit

Quality comparison

We are so confident in the quality of our kitchens that we have installed comparison bays into all of our showrooms. When visiting a showroom you can compare Wren's cabinets against our competitors' to demonstrate the superior finish of our kitchens.

Manufacturing quality

When it comes to manufacturing quality, every Wren kitchen is rigorously checked before leaving our factories as part of our thorough quality control procedure. Each door panel is inspected by hand for even the tiniest of imperfections by our highly experienced staff, so you can be sure your kitchen’s finish will be flawless.

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Warranty & guarantees

All of our expertly crafted kitchens come with a guarantee to give you peace of mind when you shop with Wren. The guarantee covers all units, doors, hinges and handles.

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