Miele H48xW574xD504 4 Zone Induction Hob

H 30 W 574 D 504

Colour: Black | Product code: AP.HO.MIE.031

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4 zone Induction hob with onset controls. Attractive design with a Stainless Steel Frame, 626mm wide.

Please be aware, pace maker and insulin pump users may be effected when an induction hob is in use. Please refer to all of the manufacturers guidelines and consult your doctor for any concerns or potential risks. 


*Induction hob
*stainless steel frame


*TwinBooster power output
*Easy to clean
*Efficient and safe
*Permanent Pan Recognition
*Touch Control
*Keeping warm function


*TwinBooster technology-  the power output of two cooking zones can be combined and used on one single zone for faster heat up times by using the boost function.
*Cleaning is particularly easy with induction hobs as the surface remains relatively cool and so food is never burnt on.
*Cooking with induction is particularly efficient, as no heat is lost. Power is directed excatly where it's required: the bottom of the pan.
*Intuitive and smart-select a zone and then simply choose the required power level. Additional functions such as the lock, the timer function and Stop & Go are also controlled directly by the touch control sensor bank.
*keep warm-hob intelligently manages the power output to keep food at serving temperature whilst preventing food from burning.


*Stainless Steel Frame
*626mm wide
*4 zone

Product Code: AP.HO.MIE.031

Category: Induction Hobs

Colour: Black