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Watch the video below to see how we are keeping you and our teams safe.

What we're doing in response to COVID-19

In order to allow us to fulfil our responsibilities to our customers but also to our team we have taken a number of actions including but not limited to:

  • Doubled our internal office size;
  • Closing our on-site gyms; Continuing to provide sanitiser on every employee’s desk and then at regular points throughout every site and at every entry and exit point;
  • All our office desks are fitted with protective screening;
  • We are reminding everyone on a regular basis of the Government’s guidelines and the importance of following such instructions;
  • Ensured all managers are aware of the symptoms and are vigilant when looking for symptoms amongst their team;
  • We have changed procedures in our manufacturing plants to try and ensure as much distance as possible between any members of staff;
  • We have had an external consultancy carry out a risk assessment in respect of COVID-19, that consultancy has now been engaged to carry out fortnightly visits to our manufacturing sites to identify any further opportunities we may have for protecting the team further;
  • We have sought legal advice from the company’s solicitors and from leading counsel to confirm that the company is complying with the legislation;
  • The management team have regular meetings to assess the current procedures and to ascertain if there are any further actions we could take.


We have taken additional steps to ensure that we are following best practice when it comes to your delivery:

  • You will not need to sign any documents to confirm delivery;
  • You will be asked whether you have been self-isolating or been in contact with anyone with symptoms or who has been self-isolating. If so, we will delay your delivery until you are outside of the quarantine period;
  • Every driver is asked to confirm every day whether they have been in contact with anybody displaying possible coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms;
  • Every vehicle is disinfected every day;
  • All of our drivers are provided with gloves and protective masks;
  • The drivers will not need to be within 2m of you at any point of the delivery and can simply leave the goods in the room of your choice or garage.

Customer services

In order to protect our team we have relocated the customer service operations between multiple different sites. This may result in slight delays to our usual service levels so please be patient with the team who are doing their utmost to look after you during a particularly difficult time.

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Thank you for your understanding and support in advance. We wish you and your families the very best during these unprecedented times.