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How we will install your worktop

Your worktop is made for your kitchen by expert craftsmen. For it to be the beautifully perfect fit and finish you expect, you'll play a very important part in the planning and decision-making process. Laminate, Luxury Laminate and Timber worktops are fitted alongside your new kitchen units, but Granite, Quartz and Corian® are produced to a template that can only be made when your kitchen is complete.

To help you understand what's involved and why we need your input, here's a guide to how we make and install a worktop.

Order confirmation

Order confirmation

When you order your worktop, your Wren Kitchen Designer will help you choose the right material and colour for your kitchen design. You'll also be shown options such as thicknesses, special kinds of worktop edging, integrated sinks, cutouts and shaping.

Please highlight any issues that will affect access to your home and kitchen. Narrow stairs and corridors will limit what size worktop you can order as a single slab as we won't be able to manoeuvre it into position.

If you have ordered a Timber worktop it will be delivered with your kitchen and you do not need to read the following Templating sections.

Booking a template date

If you have ordered a Quartz, Granite or Corian® worktop, two weeks before your kitchen is delivered, your Worktop Specialist will contact you to book a date for the templating part of the process. Five days before kitchen delivery, we'll text you a reminder if no booking has been confirmed.

Confirm or change

Two days before the appointment, we'll text to make sure your kitchen is on track for completion. The day before your appointment, we'll contact you to confirm and let you know our arrival time. To avoid cancellation charges, please notify us the day before your templating date if you need to change the date.

Templating Quartz, Granite or Corian® only


Double checking your order

Templating will include confirmation of your order details and you'll be shown samples of the materials, thicknesses, edges and finishes you've chosen. Please check that the colour and finish is correct and you are happy with what is included such as sills, upstands, splashbacks, drainer grooves and others details.

You can change or amend your order at this time if you wish. Any additional costs or items resulting from changes in your order need to be paid in full immediately to Wren so that your worktops can go into production. These changes cannot be added to your finance agreement at this stage. Always check with your Kitchen Designer if you are unsure.

Positioning Joints

Our Templating Team will discuss with you where best to position joints, your choice of edges and finishes, the precise positioning of appliances and any additional items requested to ensure a perfect fit and finish. Make sure you understand and are happy with the final decisions made. The surveyor will also check access to your home.

We'll take laser measurements of your kitchen and advise on any work that needs to be carried out before installation. Once you are happy with the template, you will be asked to sign a digital completion form and photograph.

The Team will book and confirm the delivery and installation date with you before leaving. Because we produce every worktop to order, you may be without a worktop - and water - in your kitchen for several days before your worktop can be fitted. Templating usually takes from one to two hours but can be up to four hours depending on your kitchen size.

We need you... and your fitter

You or your appointed representative must be present during templating to make vital decisions - we'll text you an hour before arrival. If no one can attend, your order will be put on hold until the Team can reschedule. This could delay the installation of your worktop and you may be charged a cancellation fee.

Be prepared

To accurately measure your kitchen, we need a clear level floor to put the laser templating machine on. Please remove all tools, small appliances and crockery as well as any temporary worktops so the kitchen is clear of everything except units and appliances. Pets and children need to be kept safely out of the way.

Power and parking

Our Templating Team will need to be able to park onsite - so please remember to get a permit if one is needed. They'll also need access to power and adequate lighting to make the template.

Appliances and pop-up sockets

To help make the templating process run smoothly and prevent delays, our Templating Team needs all appliances - freestanding, side-by-side and integrated appliances, and hobs - to be fitted but unplugged. Anything that is attached to the worktop such as leg brackets and pop-up sockets will be put on in the factory. Please keep all boxes and template cut-outs that all new appliances/fittings came in so we can get accurate measurements - we will measure old appliances. This does not include tower appliances. This will help you get the final look you want. We cannot complete a template without every appliance being present.

There must be an end panel support in-between appliances such as fridges, cookers, ovens, dishwashers and washing machines.

Sinks and taps

All sinks including Belfast sinks and taps need to be in their final positions for templating but not connected. Integrated Corian® sinks will be supplied with Corian® worktops at the point of installation and are not needed at the templating stage.

Kitchen units

All base units need to be fitted, secured to the wall and each other and with end panels fitted. Units should be level to a maximum tolerance of 3mm. Unsupported areas need battens fixed to the wall and wall battens need to be fitted where there is no front or back rail over a span of 600mm. Battening into corners is also needed.

Pelmets and lights on wall units need to be removed - or be fitted only after worktop installation.

Walls and floors

Walls should be finished - in good condition, plastered and not be subject to change between the templating and the installation of the worktop. Sometimes, because of material intolerances, we do need to cut or chisel into walls during installation. Because of this, we recommend that tiling and decorating is left until after installation and you are completely happy with your kitchen and worktop. Floors need to be clear and level - for special designs such as Stealth islands, the floor needs to be as level as possible.


After you have placed your order for a Timber worktop, it will be cut to size, and any curves and bevels applied in our factory.

Production and lead times

Production and lead times

Once your template is complete, and approved by you or your representative, and any alterations and additional requests paid for, we will start to produce your worktop.

Lead times

Production can take from five to 15 working days, depending on the material chosen and the complexity of finish, thickness, edging, cut-outs and special additions such as drainer grooves.

Wren Quartz and Granite can take from five to 10 working days for a standard order; for non standard orders such as mitred Wren Quartz 30+30mm thicknesses, colour technology Granites and recessed drainers, the lead time can be seven to 10 working days.

Corian® is labour intensive to manufacture and standard orders take from seven to 10 working days; non standard, coved upstands and integrated Corian® sinks take from 11 to 15 days.

All worktops arrive ready cut with top surfaces polished and ready to install - apart from downturns which are trimmed to fit onsite.

Timber worktops are available from stock which means they can be delivered with your complete kitchen order. Timber worktops arrive on site unfinished. Prior to installation, the worktop will be sealed with one coat of oil underneath and two coats on the top of the worktop.



Check your order

Please make sure that your order - including colours, special options and finishes - is correct and matches the order documentation before installation. Please note that if it is not on the order it isn't included in the delivery or the price.

Confirmation calls

Your Specialist Worktop Installer will contact you the day before your agreed delivery and installation date to confirm arrival times - and double check that your kitchen is ready for the worktop installation. On installation day, the team will call you to confirm delivery one hour before they are due to arrive. Please ensure that you or your representative is present for delivery and installation.

Parking space and permits

Our delivery team will need to be able to park as close as possible to the entrance to your home - so please make a space on your drive, reserve a place on the street or get a permit if one is needed.

Health and safety

Specialist worktops are large, inflexible and heavy objects that need careful handling. Health and safety is a priority and to ensure that our teams can do the best job, the access route from our delivery vehicle to your kitchen must be clear. We recommend that you keep children and pets somewhere safe and out of the way. Please protect your flooring and remove all breakables and valuables from all access routes and the kitchen.



We'll need you again

You or your representative must be present throughout delivery and installation. During this period, and for safety's sake, we suggest you make the kitchen a no-go area for everyone except for yourself and our team. Since the water supply will be switched off, bottling some water for later use is a good idea. An installation typically takes two to three hours but with larger kitchens it could take up to five hours.

Light and power

Our Installation Team will need access to power and adequate lighting. Power tools will be used to complete final cut-outs for some materials and also make any final adjustments that we think will give a better finish. Upstands are always cut to fit precisely once the worktops are in place - where possible this cutting will be done outside with dust cleaned up as far as possible.

Position of joints and appliances

All site joints will be prepared before worktops are brought into the kitchen. The team will position worktops, according to the agreed template. Worktops will be siliconed to the units below - and silicone beading will be applied to the underside of the worktop where it meets the unit front. All joints will be resin glued together. Undermounted sinks will be fitted to the underside of worktops - however your own installer or plumber will need to install top mounted appliances. Your Worktop Team will always check to make sure that the appliance fits within the cut-out. Due to the weight, we recommend that all porcelain/ceramic sinks are supported with a cradle and you should speak to your Kitchen Installer about this.

Although templating and cutting of Granite, Quartz and Corian® is done with precision technology, there will always be slight gaps if a wall is uneven. Specialist worktops cannot be trimmed on site and so tolerances are built into measurements to allow for this. Material tolerances are +/- 2mm on all dimensions and expansion joints between materials and fixed objects is 3-5mm.

For larger Timber worktops, two or more slabs will be joined together underneath with worktop bolts.

Filling the gaps

Walls, especially in older properties, can be bowed or uneven even after plastering. In these cases, we may need to cut or chisel into the wall for a perfect fit. This will be done as carefully and cleanly as possible - and we will leave a big enough gap to make room for tiling if that is how you plan to finish the wall. Upstands will be bonded to walls using silicone and joined together with a resin glue. A silicone bead finish will be used where the base of the upstand meets the worktop. For gaps where the back of the upstand meets a wall that is bowed for example, Installers will use decorator's caulk as a filler to a maximum of 5mm. Any gaps greater than this will be your responsibility.

Replacement service

Although we take the maximum care, slabs of Granite and Quartz can break during delivery and installation. This is a rare event and if this happens we will replace the slab as soon as possible with no cost to you.

Dust and noise

We make every effort to keep noise and dust to a minimum but since adjustments on site are necessary this is unavoidable. Once the installation is finished, our teams will clean up all dust in your kitchen and outside created by the cutting process. They will give your worktops a final clean. If dust is a problem, please let us know before installation so we can discuss alternatives.

Sign-off and aftercare

Sign-off and aftercare

Template check

Your Installer will walk you through the installation and ask you to check work done against the agreed template to ensure you are happy with the final product. If you are not happy with something, this is the time to let us know. Please do not tile or finish off your kitchen until all issues have been resolved.

Final paperwork

The Installer will take photographs of the worktops in place and will ask you to sign the completion paperwork. This forms part of your warranty. We will also ask you to complete our customer satisfaction questionnaire.

Caring for your worktop

We know you'll love your specialist worktop and we want you to be able to enjoy its beautiful finish for many years. Your Installation Team will explain to you how to best care for your worktop and leave you with our comprehensive after-care kit. You'll also find more information about caring for your worktop in the "Which worktop is right for me?" page.