Kitchen bin storage

Kitchen bin storage

Kitchen bins

Whoever says that bins cannot be an excellent example of the marrying of practicality and beauty hasn't experienced the wide range of integrated bins from Wren Kitchens.

Perfectly poised to house everything from food waste to separated paper, glass and plastic, all compartmented bins are ideal for the busy householders who are trying to help the environment as much as they possibly can.

Remove unsightly kitchen bins from view and make your kitchen area a fabulous space to entertain and manoeuvre.

Visit one of our nationwide showrooms and talk to our professional design team to turn your dream kitchen into a reality.

Types of kitchen bin storage

Pull-out bin

Designed to streamline kitchen activity, pull-out bin storage sits behind a stylish frontal that complements your wider aesthetic – simply pull out your bin when needed and the lid will retract, returning once closed. For ultimate efficiency, integrate below your preparation and cooking counter to give you instant access and reduce worktop clutter.

Swing bin

Attached to the inside of your kitchen cupboard door, an integrated swing bin pulls out as you open the unit, letting you quickly and easily discard kitchen waste and recycling. And once closed, the lid will return to prevent smells when not in use.

Freestanding bin

The alternative to integrated design, freestanding bins are out and accessible at all times, and can be moved at your convenience. As opposed to hidden waste storage, however, which sits behind a complementary frontal, this makes it trickier to blend your bin into your wider kitchen aesthetic.

Integrated bin storage that complements your kitchen

Handleless bin frontals

Handleless bin cupboards complement a contemporary kitchen that’s centred around modern simplicity. With an elegant J-pull frontal design, handleless doors hide your bins to give your space an elegantly stylish finish.

Handleless kitchens

Shaker-style bin frontals

Versatile and at home in just about any kitchen, shaker-style bin cupboard units combine well with wooden accents and industrial-style finishing touches. With shaker frontals, your bin cupboard will seamlessly integrate alongside your other units and appliances.

Shaker kitchens

Traditional-style bin frontals

Give your home a classically timeless look with traditionally styled kitchen bin frontals, complete with framed features and natural textures. Well-suited to kitchens of all sizes, a traditional bin cupboard design will complete your country-cottage aesthetic.

Traditional style kitchens

Kitchen bin storage that suits your space

All Wren kitchen bin cupboards are delivered fully assembled, so there's no need to worry yourself over building flat-packed furniture. We also provide a 20-year guarantee on all Infinity kitchens and a 25-year guarantee on all Infinity Plus kitchens.

Fully built kitchen bin storage

Our fully fitted range of Infinity kitchen bin units comprise of timeless designs that complement any aesthetic, from modern to traditional and shaker. With over 100 frontal types and sizes to choose from, choose made-to-measure waste units from Wren.

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Bespoke kitchen bin storage

Make the most of your space with bespoke bin storage in the kitchen, whether you’re designing a busy family kitchen or functional, contemporary layout. Available in over 1,650 unit types and sizes, discover our Infinity Plus range of kitchens to find the perfect bin frontal.

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Kitchen bin storage ideas

Choose an integrated design

Integrated bin storage keeps all waste hidden behind a complementary unit frontal, allowing you to maintain your kitchen aesthetic without compromising on bin accessibility. Whether you choose a single bin or opt for separate food waste and recycling, integrated bin storage suits any layout or aesthetic, and is designed to prevent smells from creeping into your kitchen.

Made to measure storage

Bespoke and made-to-measure bin storage solutions are designed to fit within your cupboard units exactly, maximising your available space. Suited to just about any kitchen design, bespoke integrated bins are especially effective when room is limited and you need to make your layout work a little harder.

Make the most of small and narrow spaces

Sometimes, you only have a narrow space available to house integrated bin storage in the kitchen, which is where narrow pull-out units come in handy. With bespoke designs to suit your unit size and design, pull-out bins let you fit storage in even the smallest corners, fully maximising your space.

Choose a double compartment

Double-compartment bins are the ideal solution for any busy kitchen or hectic family space, giving you twice the waste storage so you can focus on food preparation and cooking. While typically suited to a larger kitchen that allows side-by-side bins, you can include in your smaller space by getting creative with corner storage.

Kitchen bins and storage inspiration

Explore infinite ways to organise your kitchen with our full range of kitchen storage ideas, how to add effective bin storage and waste solutions to your space.

Start planning your kitchen

With a vast assortment of bin storage and waste solutions to choose from, building an organised and tidy kitchen from the ground up is easy - just visit one of our showrooms, and our 3D planning and design experts will help you to create your perfect space.

With free planning and design, plus free home measuring all part of the service, there's no better time to invest in your bespoke kitchen from Wren. Visit one of our showrooms to get started, and don't forget that all pull-out and swing bin cabinet doors come with free soft-closing technology too.