Ingenious kitchen storage solutions for awkward tools, utensils, and appliances

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Big, bulky or oddly shaped – there are a host of appliances, tools and utensils that are essential but difficult to store.

Struggle no more. There are a range of ingenious storage solutions. From the manual potato masher to the standalone kitchen mixer, learn how to store your appliances and create a calm, tidy and practical kitchen layout.

Drawer storage solutions

Drawer storage solutions

Small utensils and appliances, such as pizza cutters, cutlery, and kitchen knives, are often diverse sizes and require different storage solutions. It can be tempting to simply throw everything in one drawer, but by failing to store them neatly risks damaging them.

Kitchen drawer inserts are the best way to tackle this. Consider the main utensils you use alongside your standard cutlery; are you a keen pizza aficionado? Do you have a wide selection of chef knives? Do you regularly bake, and therefore need to store cookie cutters, rolling pins and measuring spoons close at hand?

For any of these variations, and many more, there are drawer inserts dedicated to storing specific items in your kitchen drawers. A built-in knife block is a particularly innovative choice, as it allows you to traditionally store the knives without taking up precious worktop space.

Drawer storage solutions

Cupboard and larder storage solutions

Cupboards and larders are ideal for storing bulky utensils and tools, such as mixing bowls, electric mixers, blenders, and pans. As these are more frequently used items, they need to be kept within easy reach, but ideally tucked away to keep prep areas clear.

Don't forget to make use of the inside of the cupboard and larder doors by installing hooks, from which you can hang things like pan lids or mixing attachments.

If you're doing a more extensive kitchen remodel, consider installing a larder. It's a great storage solution for everything from utensils to ingredients, and available in various sizes to suit a variety of kitchens.

To further optimise a larder, consider installing a built-in spice rack to more efficiently hold spices and herbs; create dividers on a shelf or two to store pan lids and plates; and consider a flat, solid bottom capable of holding heavy items, such as a slow cooker.

Displaying your prized possessions

Displaying your prized possessions

It can be tempting to try and tuck away all your utensils and appliances, but you don't have to. It can lead to cluttered cupboards and drawers, and misses a great opportunity to add your personality to the room with an eye-catching storage display.

Large jars and jugs are fantastic for displaying while also storing kitchen utensils, keeping them tidied away. Placing these on the worktops near your stove and main food prep area can look cosy as well as organised.

Similarly, you can consider installing simple shelves or glass cabinet doors to showcase your plates and bowls, bringing colour to the room. Displaying something like a standalone mixer on the worktop if it is in the colour scheme of the kitchen is a great way to 'store' something in plain sight.

Storage solutions don't have to be a drag. Whether you DIY it, or have a storage solution created by a design expert, you'll find there are plenty of ways to store and maintain your equipment to keep your kitchen both convenient and tidy.

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