How to use kitchen units on wheels

Storage ideas

A kitchen unit on wheels can be used for a variety of purposes, such as storage, food preparation, and dining. Incorporating one into your home is a simple yet creative way to create a flexible kitchen layout, allowing your space to become adaptable to your needs as they change throughout the day.

We explain how to incorporate a kitchen unit on wheels into your design scheme, outlining some of the key ways it can transform the way you use your kitchen.

Using mobile units for… Storage

Storage is one of the first considerations when thinking about kitchen design. No matter what size your kitchen is, whether it's a narrow galley or a large kitchen-diner, each aspect should make the most of the space you have – which is why a kitchen unit on wheels can be the perfect addition for any space.

Available with a variety of different shelving options and styles, choose a kitchen unit on wheels that with storage that is designed to suit the way you use your kitchen.

Open units can be used to display pride of place equipment, such as that much-loved mixer, without compromising your worktop space when not in use. Alternatively, drawers can be used to keep things like cutlery, cooking utensils, or baking equipment neatly tucked away and ready to use at a moment's notice.

Using mobile units for… Storage

Using mobile units for… Food preparation

Sometimes it can feel like you never have enough worktop space. Whether you're a creative cook who tends to cover every surface with equipment and ingredients or you regularly host large dinner parties that simply require plenty of space, prep area is always in demand.

A butcher's block kitchen island on wheels could be the perfect solution. Large enough to provide enough space for chopping, mixing, and arranging food, but without being as permanent as a kitchen island, a butcher's block is adaptable to your cooking needs.

The traditional kitchen triangle is not always possible for every kitchen design or space, but a mobile butcher's block unit will allow you to recreate the ease of this layout. It can also allow you to keep ingredients close to hand while cooking or be used as an area to dish up meals before serving.

Using mobile units for… Dining

Kitchen units on wheels can also serve as a dining space, making them a great solution for small layouts that can't accommodate a kitchen table, or busy family kitchens that are in need of additional seating area.

Keep the unit pushed against a wall or beneath a window when not in use. Then, when it's time to tuck in, pull the unit into the available space to enjoy an intimate, relaxed meal with a loved one or a friend.

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Using mobile units for… Dining