Kitchen corner storage

1. Corner storage

Ingenious rotating or floating corner storage can bring the contents of your cupboard to you – keeping your kitchen organised and easy to access.

The best corner storage cabinets can house spice racks, wine coolers and bulky items like oven trays. Choose from a curved base, magic corner and twin-carousel corner cabinets in a variety of door styles and colours to match your kitchen.

Soft-closing technology is also an added feature worth considering – especially if you fill up your cupboards with heavy contents.

If you have limited space for a corner cabinet, ingenious corner drawers could be the answer to awkward corners.

The drawers run diagonally into the corner, making them deeper than most.

Drawer storage

2. Drawer storage

Drawer storage is designed to make life easier in the kitchen. Keep serveware and silverware conveniently in check with premium cutlery inserts, available in a multitude of complementary colours and materials.

Drawer storage solutions are perfect for the busy modern kitchen that is filled with gadgets and gizmos. Find a slot for your scissors, a place for your pizza slicer, a compartment for your cutlery and a space for your spatula.

A pantry or larder

3. A pantry or larder

Kitchen pantries and larders are back in business.

Once regarded as a traditional feature within a kitchen, a pantry or larder is now a popular storage option for the modern kitchen – housing fresh fruit and vegetables, pots, pans, herbs and spices.

Iconic within the kitchen, they act as a practical storage solution whilst retaining style in the room.

Stash away ingredients to keep them cool and concealed while maintaining easy access.

Kitchen bins and recycling

4. Bins and recycling

Believe it or not, bins can be a more aesthetically-pleasing addition to the kitchen than you'd imagine. Hidden away behind a cupboard door, integrated bins are sleek and stylish.

Perfectly poised to house your separated paper, glass and plastic for recycling, the compartmented bins are ideal for busy households who want to be eco-friendly.

Remove unsightly kitchen bins from the view of your guests and create extra space in your kitchen.

Kitchen wall storage

5. Wall storage

Keep your kitchenware in easy reach with wall storage. When cabinet and drawer space is in short supply – but your utensils and accessories aren't – wall storage could create a solution.

Shelves can make a style statement as well as providing room to stash pots. Use the space to stow away everyday items like decorative mugs, coffee, tea and sugar.

Kitchen cabinet organizer

6. Pull-out cabinet organizer

If you don't have space to accommodate a walk-in pantry or larder, a pull-out organizer paired with cabinet door racks could offer you a neat storage alternative.

Maximising cupboard space, a pull-out organiser keeps everything in easy reach – practical for everyday use. Stack up tins and jars, dry foods and cupboard sauces.

Kitchen island

7. Kitchen island

Doubling up as both a worktop and storage, a kitchen island provides a functional focus in a kitchen.

If space allows, an island can offer the additional storage you need without a kitchen remodel; drawers and cupboards are hidden away under a flat worktop.

With the additional option of barstools, the island could be used to prepare food, eat breakfast or even act as a workstation.

Kitchen chopping board

8. Integrated chopping board

No matter how large your kitchen, chopping boards can make worktops look cluttered and get in the way when you're baking or cooking.

An integrated chopping board, however, can be neatly stowed away after use; yet available to grab as and when you need it.

Easy for food preparation – slicing and chopping meat and vegetables – an integrated chopping board is perfect for any kitchen.

Dish drawer

9. Dish drawer

Sturdy and deep, dish drawers keep bowls, plates and heavy tablewear within reach.

Avoid loading any breakables on top shelves, stowing them at a safe lower level in a dish drawer; in reach for small children in the household.

If you've got room for multiple dish drawers, utilise the additional space for awkwardly shaped pans and oven trays.

Kitchen open shelves

10. Open shelves

A popular trend for both modern and traditional kitchens, shelves make a style statement – displaying decorative kitchen accessories.

Consider the placement of the different colours and designs but be careful not to overcrowd the shelves or they could leave the kitchen looking cluttered and untidy.

Pull-out shelves are a practical alternative – providing easy access to pots and pans without having to stretch to reach the pots at the back or deep in the corner.

So, there are 10 kitchen accessory storage ideas. Some may have been simple reminders, but hopefully a few new concepts sparked your imagination. If you want to talk through any ideas, come and speak to us in store.