Five best lighting ideas for over your kitchen island

Lighting ideas

It’s always tricky deciding on those finishing touches in your kitchen, so we’re shedding light on the ultimate statement piece – kitchen island lights. They can truly transform the look and feel of the space creating either a warehouse, retro, charming, or luxe look to name a few!

Have fun and showcase your personality with oversized kitchen lighting which is bang on trend at the moment, such as brass globe sputnik chandeliers and exposed wired cluster lights.

The kitchen island is one of the most hard-working versatile areas in the kitchen so don’t forget to be practical with your choice of light fittings. It needs to be pretty and functional; so it’s the correct length over an island, doesn’t obstruct any views, and illuminates the area enough so you can work and entertain guests safely.

The rule of thumb is to suspend hanging lights above an island 28 – 34 inches above, as well as position the lights central to the island or distribute the lights evenly (usually three pendants).

Read on to learn more about our top five kitchen island lights to suit any space, style, and home.

1Exposed industrial lights

Exposed industrial lights

2Statement chandelier

Statement chandelier

3Classy fluted glass

Classy fluted glass

4Cluster of bulbs

Cluster of bulbs

5Natural lantern-style

Natural lantern-style