Choosing a colour scheme to suit your dark, wooden kitchen floors

Flooring Ideas

Dark wooden floors are a sophisticated choice for any kitchen, whether it's warm American walnut or vibrant brown oak.

This traditional flooring choice can be complemented with a variety of different colour schemes to create a look that's either bright and airy, or beautifully dramatic.

Bright white

Bright white

If you want your wooden floor to make a statement, match it with a bright white kitchen. The white cabinets and units provide a stark contrast to the depth of the flooring, to create a modern and fresh effect.

Wooden shaker cabinets will add a touch of traditionalism to the design, or choose gloss and handleless cabinets to create a thoroughly contemporary effect.

The worktops should be used to finish the look. White marble will provide the room with a final bright, luxurious effect, while darker worktops matching the floor tone will add a softness to the room.

Au natural

Au natural

For a look that's ideal for adding warmth and gentle colour to the room, create a colour scheme inspired by nature through wooden accents throughout the room.

Choose the same type of wood throughout the room (such as oak or walnut), but in different tones to create an effect that looks organic and naturally put together.

To prevent the woods from clashing, choose painted wooden cabinets in cream or green tones such as Roman Leaf or Sage to break up the room, and add wooden accents through the worktops and other furniture, such as the dining table and chairs.

Finish the room with a light wall colour; white or very light cream will act well as a backdrop, tying the room together without disrupting the scheme. Add a few plants and herbs along the windowsill to cement the organic effect.

Statement colours

Statement colours

The bold tone of dark wood can be flattered with statement colours to striking effect. For a clean, uncluttered and colourful finish, choose one bold colour – such as green or blue for lightness, or purple or red for drama – painted across one accent wall and through the kitchen furnishing.

White cabinets and worktops, along with white used across the rest of the walls, will help to make sure the room feels uncluttered and open, while the bright shade will add vibrancy to an otherwise simple design.

For a sophisticated finish, choose a kitchen island in your chosen statement colour, and add accessories such as utensil holders, storage jars, a clock and artwork in the colour to bring the room together.

Dramatically dark

Dramatically dark

Should your kitchen be in a large, open space, with plenty of natural lighting and high ceilings, a dark colour scheme will create a dramatic effect.

Dark cabinets and units will be the main factors in creating this colour scheme. Black and dark grey are fantastic choices for a real head-turning effect, while aubergine is just as dark, but with a softer finish.

Dark accents across the furniture and accessories, such as statement light shades, seating, and dark window frames to complete the look.

To avoid the room feeling oppressive, choose white walls and white marble-style worktops to balance against the richness of the rest of the colour scheme.

Dark wooden floors are highly coveted for good reason. Ensure the rest of your kitchen matches up to this feature by choosing a colour scheme that suits your style and works with the room.