Using bridging units in your kitchen design

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Kitchen bridging units are a fantastic option to make use of the spaces that often go neglected and unused between wall-mounted units, or above kitchen doors, and windows.

We explain how you can incorporate these handy, space-saving units into your kitchen design, allowing you to increase your storage capacity and keep the room clutter free.

What is a bridging unit?

What is a bridging unit?

A bridging unit 'bridges' the gap between two other kitchen units. For instance, two wall-mounted kitchen units either side of a fridge-freezer or hob might have a gap between to accommodate the appliance. In some cases, the units can be connected by a bridging unit, making use of the space.

Bridging units are often short and wide to fill small gaps that are broader than they are tall. In some cases, they can even be fitted above wall-mounted kitchen units where space allows, to provide even greater storage options, should your kitchen ceilings be high enough to accommodate them.

How to use a bridging unit

The brilliance of a bridging unit is its adaptability, which means you can use it in almost endless situations throughout the kitchen.

Traditionally, a bridging unit would be used to connect one wall mounted unit to another, usually over an area which won't fit a full unit. This can include:

The same can be used over the hob, and contain a compatible extractor fan like a cooker hood, which is ideal for those who don't like the aesthetic of an extractor.

A bridging unit does not simply have to be used to bridge a gap between units, though; they will often fit in other small spaces.

Those with a high ceiling in their kitchen may benefit from fitting bridging units above or beneath their main wall mounted units. Alternatively, those with a very small kitchen may prefer to use bridging units as an alternative to a full-sized unit, to ensure there is storage space available without creating a cramped space.

How to use a bridging unit

Choosing a bridging unit

There are a huge range of options available for bridging units – but how do you know which one is right for your kitchen?

Bridging units are typically in the same style as the rest of the kitchen. For example, if you choose a shaker-style kitchen, there will likely be a shaker-style bridging unit to match. The same handles and colours as the wall mounted units are typically used, as this creates a consistent kitchen design.

Those hoping for an ultra-contemporary kitchen design may prefer to choose an open unit, which means it doesn't have a door. This can be a fantastic option for those who wish to use the units to display kitchen items, however, it is also important to consider that they will require additional cleaning, especially when placed near the hob.

A bridging unit is a simple storage solution that can be used in most kitchen designs. Consider how to make the most of those unused spaces, and choose the unit based on your style!

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