How to choose a textured work surface

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Distinctive in style and extremely functional, textured worktops are quickly growing in popularity. Whether you're styling your kitchen with one dominating material or introducing contrasting textures, our range covers any design scheme.

Understand the styles available, the ways you can achieve a designer look at an affordable price, and styling tips to complement your design scheme.

Why are textured kitchen worktops so popular?

Textured work surfaces are increasingly featuring in homes, owing to their versatility and distinctive finishes. Whether you favour a classic or contemporary design scheme, textured counters offer depth to your space.

Used to create an interesting dynamic within your kitchen, statement worktops can either be styled as the focus of your kitchen or combined with contrasting textured cabinetry and walls for a unique finish with character. With materials and colours to suit any kitchen or budget, find the perfect combination of textures to suit your style.

What each work surface texture offers

What each work surface texture offers

Textured surfaces offer brilliant style with a statement at an affordable price. Laminate worktops, in particular, can be a most cost-effective installation, cheaper than granite and wood while still being hard-wearing. With a selection of colours, finishes and textures among our collection, choose the laminate style that complements your design scheme.

If your kitchen style favours natural beauty, the polished finish of durable granite can be installed to offer a designer finish. Scratch and stain resistant, achieve a classic finish for less without having to worry about regular maintenance or treatment, offering a traditional twist in a modern space or worked alongside vintage appliances in a country home.

Wooden surfaces are often seen in many kitchens, regardless of the design scheme, thanks to the relatively cheap cost of many timber types. Give your space a natural look at an affordable rate and complement your cottage look without sacrificing on a high-quality finish.

Styling textured work surfaces

Styling textured work surfaces

From modern minimalism through to traditional designs, textured surfaces can offer an edge to your kitchen. With natural wood, versatile laminate, and durable stone worktops to choose from, consider how you can incorporate a contrasting or complementary finish with your kitchen counters.

Add texture with versatile laminate

Offering versatility, durability, and affordability, laminate work surfaces are the ideal solution to many busy family kitchens. Easily cleaned and maintained, laminate is available in a range of styles, from matt plastic through to glossy stone or wood effect, making it an option for any kitchen design scheme.

Worked into a contemporary kitchen alongside fresh white walls and bright acrylic units, incorporate light-toned laminate counters to complement a light and airy feel. Alternatively, implement this practical material as part of a country cottage-style kitchen with a deep brown, wooden finish.

Work wooden surfaces into your kitchen

Inject a rural feel into your kitchen with the texture of a wood surface. Adding charm to a classic space, work alongside sleek marble flooring and rustic metal door handles to give an industrial-country feel. For a natural look, complement your broad wooden worktops with deep green or aquatic blue shades, combined with dark oak cabinetry and traditional appliances.

Wooden textured surfaces can also be used to create an eye-catching statement within your kitchen, by styling a bold island as a focal point. Work your wooden island alongside a wide ceramic sink and vintage copper taps to further complement a traditional design.

Alternatively, give your modern space a classic twist with wooden counters. Worked alongside light painted walls, integrated appliances, and bright accessories, offer contrast in a contemporary space with traditional wood.

Style stone worktops in your space

Make a stylish statement and give your kitchen a country feel with the introduction of durable stone worktops. Match a traditional design to wooden accessories and cabinetry, with hardwearing stone or wood flooring providing contrasting textures to your farmhouse kitchen.

When introducing stone surfaces into your modern kitchen, consider the ways the tough material can grab attention. Use textured granite surfaces with a sleek stone splashback for a traditional edge in your contemporary space. Or, similarly, incorporate white marble surfaces into your minimalist kitchen for light design with a classic twist.

Textured work surfaces can be achieved in any home, irrespective of design scheme, budget or available space. Browse our full selection of wooden, glossy, and matt kitchens for more inspiration when styling your new surface space.