High-gloss finishes are usually associated with an ultra-modern, minimalist look, although this trend is actually very versatile and will complement almost any kitchen design.

Here's a few of our favourites from the Wren Kitchen collection to give you some inspiration on how you can create the high-gloss look.

All in white

This stunning kitchen is a great example of how a high-gloss finish can be used to create space and light. A sloping roof can often seem restrictive as they create dark corner spaces that are hard to use, due to the low ceiling height. However in this kitchen, the large skylight windows reflect off the high-gloss cabinets allowing the light to fill the room.

Pacrylic white gloss kitchen

Striking a balance

High-gloss cabinets in striking raven and super white give this Linda Barker kitchen a clean and contemporary style. The glossy cabinets beautifully offset one another for an outstanding finish. The all-black island is the centrepiece of this design, whilst the handleless and gloss elements help the two tones effortlessly flow together for seamless look.

Linea kitchen in raven and super white

A bit of country charm

This charming shaker kitchen in super white shows us that the high-gloss look is not only for ultra-modern interiors. The gloss cabinets and wood detailing, along with the patterned tiles, create an attractive country kitchen that combines elements of the traditional with a modern twist, giving this kitchen an enchanting finish.

Shaker kitchen in super white

Have you used a high-gloss finish in your kitchen? Let us know how this glamourous finish has enhanced your space.