How to get your perfect Mediterranean style kitchen

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You can let the sunshine into the heart of your home all year round with a warm, inviting Mediterranean style kitchen.

The Mediterranean region is a melting pot of several different cultures which combine to create a rich visual design. With its white beaches, warm climate and tasty cuisine, a Mediterranean kitchen could be the perfect way to give your home an exotic touch and a unique ambience by mixing a laid back look with today's modern kitchen.

How to get your perfect Mediterranean style kitchen

An ordinary kitchen can be transformed into a style melting pot by incorporating oranges, yellows and blues with kitchen units in earthy colours. This can give a welcoming look that is both stylish and stimulating. Feel free to throw in assorted colours as statement pieces alongside the earthy backdrop to give your kitchen its own personality and individual points of interest.

Now look to the floor, wall tiling and splashback. Mosaics, geometric and floral patterns are all common, lending traditional influences to the overall look.

Be warned, however, pick one of the three instead of using all three patterns to avoid your kitchen becoming a confusing mishmash. Think hard and choose wisely, geometrics will give a more modern look, mosaics will translate into a Spanish or Moorish theme, while floral patterns will feel more traditional, and serve as an easy way to give the room a focal point.

How to get your perfect Mediterranean style kitchen

The key to a Mediterranean style kitchen is using all of its features to contribute to its overall design. The palette of Mediterranean style complements warm, metallic shades, so why not add some on-trend rustic copper lighting into the mix? Opt for copper light shades and fittings to bring this trend into the room.

Unlike more modern kitchens that feature chrome and acrylic, the Mediterranean kitchen makes strong use of natural materials. Wood, granite and marble can be used throughout the kitchen, whether it be on the floor, worktops or cabinets so it has that old-world vibe. Make sure you are bold with the main features of the room and thoughtful with its additional touches of flair, and your kitchen will soon have a chilled out and rustic look where it is always summertime.

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