Inspiration for your industrial kitchen re-vamp

Design & Decor Ideas

Industrial design is all about using functionality and personality to create organised spaces that look great and are comfortable to live in – making it the perfect design scheme for a kitchen.

It's a versatile style that can work across rooms of all shapes and sizes, so you can pick and choose your favourite industrial elements to create a unique kitchen design that's all yours.
Check out our industrial kitchen gallery here for inspiration on how to create a cool atmosphere and make the most of your space when planning your kitchen re-vamp.

What is an industrial kitchen?

Key features for your industrial kitchen

1Strip it back with open shelving

Make use of pendant lighting

2Make use of pendant lighting

Make use of pendant lighting

3Embrace integrated appliances

Make a statement with artwork

4Make a statement with artwork

Embrace integrated appliances

Industrial kitchen colours and materials

5Layer shades of black and grey

6Get playful with textures

Embrace integrated appliances

7Splash a flash of colour