Ceramic sinks

Built to last, versatile and easy to look after: what's not to love about a ceramic sink?

Kitchen ceramic sinks

Ceramic sinks are traditional, yet can look the part in a contemporary setting when styled right.

A black kitchen sink looks sleek when inset on a black countertop, especially if your kitchen has enough natural light to embrace a dark theme. Alternatively, black can be a great contrasting point against lighter colours, especially white.

White sinks are a great way to bring an added source of brightness into the kitchen, as they'll reflect the natural light around them.

Ceramic sinks are reassuringly solid and elegant. Not only do they look the part, but ceramic sinks are also heat-resistant and easy to maintain and clean, both important factors to take into account when you're planning a kitchen.

Kitchen sinks

One large, deep bowl can provide enough space for your pots and pans, even when taken straight off the hob! Opt for two different size bowls if you want a multi-functional sink – you can clean in one and rinse in the other.

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Stainless steel sinks

Sinks made from stainless steel are hard-wearing and can slot stylishly into any kitchen.

The continued attraction to stainless steel sinks in kitchen design stems from the fact that the material is easy to clean and take care of.

Kitchen stainless steel sinks

This versatile sink type integrates into most kitchen styles, whether traditional, contemporary, shaker or vintage. Thanks to their neutral colour, stainless steel sinks look effective in kitchens with a black and silver theme, especially with matching stainless steel taps – which come in a huge range of styles.

Those who opt for stainless steel sinks usually have function in mind, knowing they'll be using and cleaning their sink a lot. A double bowl stainless steel sink is great for multi-use, whether you choose to have them side by side or on either end of an island as a design statement.

Kitchen stainless steel sinks

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Composite sinks

Composed of quartz dust and acrylic resin, composite sinks bring cutting edge style to your kitchen.

Thanks to the high density of particles, these sinks are tough and can handle daily wear and tear – perfect for the comings and goings of life in a busy family home.

Kitchen composite sinks

Resistant to heat, stains, scratches and chips, composite sinks are built to last. This material doubles up well as a washing area or chopping board on the side of your sink – creating a multi-functional feature in your kitchen that is easy to clean.

Kitchen composite sinks

The quartz component in composite sinks means that they typically come in dark colours with a matt finish, making them a stylish addition to your kitchen.

You can contrast a composite sink with gloss cabinets or worktops, or the sink can tie in with an overall matt effect in your kitchen design. The muted finish of these sinks makes them a perfect match for wooden worktops, drawing your eye to the sink.

When it comes to matching taps, you're spoilt for choice. The dark colours go well with both stainless steel taps, or traditional metals like copper or bronze to give a vintage feel to your sink.

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Glass sinks

Polished glass is the latest innovation in sink design.

Toughened for daily use, a glass sink is distinctive and unique, and suits modern kitchen décor.

Kitchen glass sinks

Great for small kitchens, this very reflective material increases the feeling of space around the sink area.

A great reason for choosing glass is that it's very hygienic and can withstand regular cleaning. The toughened glass is heat and acid-resistant as well.

Kitchen glass sinks

Glass can also double up as either a chopping board or drainer, and you may choose to extend the glass area around the sink as much as possible to create functional working areas for cooking along your worktop.

The natural sheen of glass makes it a perfect match for gloss kitchens if you want a complementary style, or it can add some sparkle to a matt kitchen.

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Undermount sinks

Undermount sinks are aesthetically pleasing and they create a continuous sense of flow in the kitchen, as the sink sits beneath the countertop, instead of on top.

Kitchen undermount sinks

With undermount sinks you can choose from two options: either exposing the sink more, to make a design statement, or to make it sit under the worktop to conceal it from view and create a sleek surface.

An exposed sink looks great in a farmhouse kitchen, especially if you choose a large, deep bowl in bright white, and match it with a solid, wooden worktop.

Kitchen undermount sinks

A hidden sink is great for a minimalist kitchen, and it lets the tap be the star of the show. A statement tap like the Hypnos tap in black will fit the bill perfectly in this case.

An undermount sink lets you reclaim space on the counter, and thanks to no exposed rim, it can't catch crumbs or dirt, making it a hygienic choice too.

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A kitchen is at the centre of a home, and, as the sink is the hub of the kitchen, finding the right one for you is a big decision

Placement and material matters when it comes to a kitchen sink, and keeping this in mind will help you to find the sink that suits your kitchen redesign.