How to design an art deco kitchen

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Bold geometric shapes, elaborate ornaments, rich colours… adding a touch of art deco style to your kitchen can be really simple!

Art deco rose to international popularity in the 1920s, 30s and 40s and is still a popular vintage style in interior design today.

Here we show you the best ways to introduce an art deco kitchen design into your home – whether you want to embrace the trend from floor to ceiling, or simply pay homage to it through a few choice pieces.

spacious open plan kitchen

Always accessorise

Whatever the current design of your kitchen, you can bring art deco into the sphere with the clever use of ornaments and accessories.

Hollywood glamour has a role to play in art deco; mirrored handles are a good fit, as well as traditional soft uplighting. Art nouveau was also a big inspiration – rejecting pastels and flowy material for bolder materials and block design.

Whether you opt for a statement clock with trademark angular design, an opulent chandelier or a more modern light setting – which still catches the eye – remember that bigger is always better when it comes to art deco kitchen decor.

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Colour code

The spectrum of colours that signify art deco are rich and eye-catching – perfect for creating a striking kitchen design. Mustard yellow, teal, lavender, dark raspberry and muted navy all work in small pockets of colour, through accessories or as part of a tiling pattern.

If you have an island in your kitchen, this can be a great place to bring in an alternative colour into your room as a statement block.

Monochrome is another art deco trope – match a black and white kitchen with a dash of colour on the wall or bring monochrome accessories into your coloured kitchen to tap into this trend. You can even tailor kitchen necessities, such as water jugs or mugs to complement the art deco colour scheme. Whether left on the kitchen countertop, or displayed on hooks or shelves, they'll add to the décor of the room.

bright two kitchen with island

Minimalism matters

To complement the intricate patterns and outlandish accessorises, an important part of art deco is minimalism. It might sound like a juxtaposition, but minimal pieces or streamlined work surfaces allow the art deco pieces to make a statement, whether that's a chair for your island or piece of French art on the wall.

A minimalist kitchen relies on creative storage to keep clutter and appliances out of sight. If you make the most out of your space with clever storage solutions, you can focus on adding a touch of art deco to the parts of the kitchen that your guests will see instead.

Induction hobs lend themselves to minimalism, as they blend into the work surface. The streamlined design of these induction hobs, and the irregular heat circles, make it a perfect choice for art deco kitchen designs. A black hob on a white countertop looks particularly striking.

modern kitchen with large island

Geometric shapes

Art deco style is perhaps best recognised by geometric patterns, which can easily be incorporated into your kitchen design.

Cubism inspired original art deco design, with painters like Picasso experimenting with space, angles and geometry.

Tiles are a fantastic way to bring art deco style into your kitchen, whether on the floor or behind an oven top. Colourful and intricate, these patterns are designed to catch the eye and work best in a clean environment.

A tile pattern that complements your colour scheme gives a subtle nod to art deco design, while a bright and bold tile pattern marks your intent.

Art deco design consists of straight, regular lines and angles making it the perfect choice for a kitchen setting, where everything slots together.

Art deco kitchen design allows you to add character to the room, choosing the trends that you like best, from geometry to mirrors, monochrome or colour. You can go all out and re-design your kitchen with this in mind, or choose to bring the trend in with accessories and appliances in a subtler way. To see how you can incorporate these art deco kitchen design ideas in your home, check out our free online kitchen planner, or book an appointment to visit your nearest Wren showroom.