Choose pretty patterns

If you have a neutral kitchen, your fabrics are where you can really let your individuality show. Use different patterns and colours to enhance your gorgeous kitchen. You can even have alternative sets for different occasions; for example a simple formal set for special events, or a fun, intricate and playful set for succulent summer barbeques. Monochrome patterns are right on trend at the moment and will look great when you're entertaining guests. Jazz up neutral decor with some quirky monochrome accessories.


Experiment with different colours

Colour can be used to accentuate a current design scheme, perhaps you have opted for a painted appliance to add a pop of colour and you want to use your fabrics to make the design more cohesive. Alternatively, you can use colours to create a new feature altogether. Bold, block colouring can give your kitchen the inspired finish you were after. For an easy splash of colour, try accessorising your kitchen with a brightly decorated apron or dishcloth.


Experiment with interesting textures

If your kitchen d├ęcor is already quite bold, you might want to stick to one uniformed pattern and colour in your fabric choices but use interesting textures to create a chic finish. An unusual texture, or combination of textures, is the perfect way to add interest to a room, without being too overbearing. Using coarser fabrics or linen creates an appealing look that would look great in a rustic country kitchen, like this charming set of tea towels from Etsy, made out of unusual hemp cotton.

Having a selection of fabrics makes your kitchen more versatile and reupholstering your textiles is the perfect way to update your kitchen if you're on a budget. It's easy to give your room a new lease of life at any minute with an injection of colour, pattern or texture!