Say hello to the kitchen of the future.

This morning at 4:29AM, Marty McFly and Doc Brown came crashing through the time and space continuum and arrived in the future.

Unless we've missed the news, unfortunately time travel isn't a possibility, just yet.

The second film of the trilogy made some assumptions about what life would be like in 2015. Released in November 1989, the film showed life using contactless payments, kids moving around on hover boards, wearable technology, drones, roll-up voiced controlled televisions, smart glasses. Not too far off the mark for today's society.

Kitchen of the future

And we think that kitchens now are better than the film predicted, too.

Our sleek, streamlined designs would perhaps have been too futuristic for Marty and Doc.

However, we are still holding out for that pizza hydrator.

The Handleless Vogue kitchen is currently available in our Flagship Hull showroom. With its smooth lines, and clean aesthetic it seems as though the future of kitchens is now.

Kitchen of the future

The Vogue range is at the forefront of kitchen design. Our kitchen experts have crafted this beautiful collection to be in-keeping with upcoming trends and a tendency towards minimalist living.