7 ideas for creating an ultra-modern kitchen design

Design & Decor Ideas

High-tech gadgets, sleek and clean lines, handleless doors and drawers – all define the ultra-modern kitchen. If you want to bring a touch of modernism to your kitchen, use our seven best design tips to help you create the kitchen of the future.

1Colour scheme

From Apple products to sci-fi films, white is strongly associated with a modern or futuristic feel. As such, the clean, bright tone is the perfect choice for an ultra-modern kitchen.

White should be used wherever possible, including the units, worktops and doors. This is to ensure your kitchen maintains a sense of homeliness and doesn't step too far into a clinical colour scheme, add accents of grey on the walls and flooring and stainless-steel appliances.

Alternatively, use bright colour blocking across the kitchen island or on a statement wall if you want to add a touch of fun to the room.

large white and grey modern kitchen

2Choose integrated appliances

A range cooker is fantastic for a traditional, homely kitchen, but its vintage looks don't suit modern. Instead, choose integrated cooking appliances. Usually set high within kitchen units, integrated ovens and microwaves look professional, with brands such as Samsung and CDA making great use of stainless steel and black glass to create a sleek finish.

Meanwhile, a glossy induction hob is the best option for an ultra-modern kitchen. It will line up perfectly with the worktop in a way that disregards old kitchen conventions. Finish it all with a chimney hood framed in either clear or black glass.

white modern kitchen with double oven


A handleless kitchen is an ideal way to add modernity to your home, creating an ultra-modern atmosphere and the feel of a fresh, minimalist space. With soft touch closing and discrete grooves to aid opening, handleless units de-clutter the entire kitchen – very modern indeed.

For those who prefer the ease of a handle, there are options that fit within a modern scheme. Elongated metallic handles look simple and effective, and add extra ease of use for those who may struggle with a handleless door.

4Statement pendant lighting

Modern art doesn't need to be limited to galleries. Pendant lighting is often seen as a traditional form of lighting, particularly when using steel or copper shades, but with the right shade and positioning, it can almost become a piece of modern art in the middle of your kitchen.

Install lighting above one central area of your kitchen, such as the island or dining table. Then, finish the look with an elaborate lampshade, ideally using the colours white, grey and black, to create an attractive centrepiece.

ultra modern kitchen with stealth island

5Plinth lighting

Plinth lighting is achieved by installing LED lights, either individually or in a long, unbroken line, in the kickboard beneath your units. This adds soft lighting to the flooring of the kitchen, making the room feel large and bright – perfect for an ultra-modern scheme.

For a truly eye-catching effect, consider installing plinth lighting around the kitchen island, creating a centred space in the room. Alternatively, install plinth lights that glow in a bright colour, such as blue or pink, for a playful finish.

6Gloss finish

An ultra-modern kitchen should feel light, bright, and airy. Gloss finish units reflect light across the room, which help every source of both natural and electric lighting fill the space as much as possible.

Balanced with a very light colour scheme, such as white units and black marble worktops, you can turn even the smallest kitchen into a welcoming, clean, and light-filled space.

ultra modern white gloss kitchen

7Clever storage for minimalist worktops

For the finishing touches to your ultra-modern kitchen, it's essential to complete the effect with minimalist accessorising. How do you keep work surfaces clear of appliances and ingredients but still have them close to hand? Clever storage solutions.

Sliding larders can be stocked with ingredients and large appliances such as standing mixes. Drawers can be created to cater to your most important kitchen utensils, such as knives and pizza cutters, and integrated bins can be stored away with ease behind a cupboard door.

Follow these design tips for an ultra-modern kitchen, and you'll be impressing guests not just with your cooking, but with the beautiful space you've created. Contact Wren Kitchens today, and connect with an interior design kitchen to help your dream kitchen become a reality.