How to create your perfect pastel kitchen

Colour ideas

Pastel tones are creeping into the interior design spotlight once again. A popular colour choice in 1950s American kitchens, ice cream-like hues are making a stylish comeback, ready to transform your kitchen into a stylish and cosy retreat.

The ideal colour palette for bringing a sense of calm, pastels can instantly lift the mood while also adding a playful feel to your kitchen. We’ll show you lust-worthy pastel kitchen ideas to add the wow factor to your space.

Use pastels to highlight certain features

Use pastels to create a feature point of your kitchen – by concentrating pastel colours within a certain area, you can help draw focus to a part of the kitchen you want to show off. Choose an area you think deserves the most limelight and transform it into a pastel feature point.

Draw focus to your kitchen island by choosing a powder-blue pastel finish, paired with pink bar stools for a fun and playful touch. Alternatively, you can create a pastel feature wall by using colour tiles to create a splashback effect behind the oven or sink area.

small kitchen with vibrant green units

Mix pastel kitchen colours with luxe materials for a sophisticated look

Create an elegant kitchen look by teaming pastel-coloured units with worktops in a luxurious material, such as granite. Mixing chalky shades with opulent textures will create a unique and sophisticated setting.

Choose statement-making cabinets in a bold pastel shade, and keep the rest of the theme stripped back with neutral colours and natural materials. If you want to take the luxe look to the next level, introduce hints of copper throughout the design to heighten the glamour.

large two tone pastel kitchen

Colour-blocking effect for a real wow factor

There are plenty of creative ways to use pastels in a colour-blocking effect in your kitchen. For a timeless pastel kitchen décor design, incorporate cabinets in two different pastel colours, or style different tones on the walls using paint and tiles. Create balance by introducing an equal measure of both colours, or choose one dominant colour and use another contrasting tone to highlight a feature point, such as a kitchen island.

When colour blocking with pastels, make sure to style the rest of the kitchen in neutral tones to let the colours take centre stage. Pale shades like grey and white will help to soften the effect, so your kitchen looks stylish and feels relaxing.

lilac pastel kitchen with island

Add a quirky feel with lilac

Lilac cabinets are a great way to liven up your kitchen and will bring a whimsical feel. A dark wooden worktop will complement lilac cabinetry beautifully, creating a striking contrast. If you want to create a pop-art vibe, white work surfaces will work equally as well.

Create balance by keeping the rest of the design neutral, using off-white or ash grey on the walls and flooring. To finish off your lilac scheme, add touches of purple through artwork or accessories such as flowers or cushions.

two tone pastel kitchen

Mix pastel cabinets with wooden worktops for a country cottage look

Pastels and wood blend seamlessly together, creating a modern country cottage feel. Incorporate touches of both across your kitchen design to create a scheme that has a boutique-meets-rustic vibe.

Pastel blue cabinets can help to bring out the warmth in wooden worktops, conjuring up a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. Pairing powder blue cabinets with white flooring and wood features can also conjure up a calming coastal vibe, reminiscent of nautical scenery.

yellow pastel kitchen with island

Keep it mellow with yellow

Pastel yellow cabinets can bring a subdued feel to your kitchen and will perfectly reflect the warm glow of overhead kitchen lights, creating a truly relaxing atmosphere to dine with family and friends. White pairs well with yellow, so try contrasting yellow cabinets with white worktops for a throwback, Americana feel.

Make yellow the main focal point by adding a yellow kitchen island and incorporating white cabinets everywhere else. Alternatively, yellow walls are an irresistibly classic choice for a cosy family kitchen, and look great with white and black décor across the rest of the room.

There are so many options when it comes to creating your perfect pastel kitchen décor! For morecolourful kitchen design ideas, take a look at our kitchen colour guides for more creative inspiration! Alternatively, if you want to transform your kitchen into a pastel paradise, book an appointment to visit your nearest showroom, or try our online planner.