Pretty in Pink: How to design a pink kitchen

Colour ideas

If you're looking to create a unique kitchen, then think pink! Pink kitchens are a great way to liven up your space, and this pretty hue is fast becoming one the hottest trends. From fun and feminine to ultra-modern, we show you how to make pink work in your kitchen.

Whether you're creating an all-encompassing look or you want to keep it subtle, explore expert tips on how to style pink across your kitchen layout.

Create an eye-catching focal point with a pink kitchen island

Make a bold statement with a pink kitchen island, which will instantly make your kitchen feel fun and creative. Balance out the brightness with neutral tones across your cabinets, worktops, and walls – white worktops and handles will really make the pink island stand out, while grey cabinets will add a striking contrast.

Carry on the pink theme by bringing subtle flashes of coordinating shades elsewhere – opting for pink dining chairs or kitchen accessories is an easy way to get the look without overwhelming your layout.

Choose a pink backdrop and keep the cabinets neutral

Choose a pink backdrop and keep the cabinets neutral

If you don't want to commit to pink cabinets, work pink into your backdrop instead – this will give you more flexibility, allowing you to easily switch up the décor if you fancy a change. Pink tiles and painted walls can be used to create a two-tonal effect – choose tiles in a darker pink than the walls, or vice versa.

White cabinets and worktops will really pop against a pink backdrop – create a twist on the country cottage theme by balancing pink walls with rustic wood flooring, or go ultra-modern with an all-white design.

Pair pink with pastel blue for a heavenly combination

Pair pink with pastel blue for a heavenly combination

In the true spirit of boutique-chic, pastel blue and pink is becoming a popular colour combination. When used together in the kitchen, it can create a fun and cosy diner-style effect.

Go for a bold look by making blue cabinets the main focus, with delicate touches of pink throughout the scheme – think pink chairs around a dining table or a few pink cabinets. Copper hardware such as a rose gold tap or handles fits in with this look perfectly, as the warming blush tones will complement the pastel colours.

If you want to scale it down, consider incorporating subtle touches of blue and pink across a neutral layout. Painting the walls pastel blue and choose white cabinets and flooring, with pink accessories and artwork spread across the scheme.

Make pink the focal point

Make pink the focal point

A powerful pop of pink can add feminine charm to your kitchen, bringing it up to date in an instant. Try working pink into one key area of your design – it could be a large cabinet such as a display unit or a pink dining table and chairs.

Keep the rest of your kitchen neutral to let pink take centre stage – choose white walls and flooring, paired with natural wooden tones for a relaxed look. Incorporate pink kitchen accessories across your layout, such as a kettle or toaster, to tie the theme of the room together.

By using the right design techniques, pink can add a distinctive edge to your space. For more inspiration on brightening up your space with fun colours, check out our kitchen colour ideas.