How to add a colourful feature wall to your kitchen

Colour ideas

A feature wall can bring depth to a small kitchen, help to brighten up a dark room or add a splash of fun to showcase your personality – or do a combination of all three.

From a few hours with a paint brush to adding stylish kitchen storage, there are many ways you can create a feature wall that suits the layout of your kitchen and your design scheme.

What is a feature wall?

What is a feature wall?

Also referred to as an accent wall, a feature wall is bolder than the other walls, whether through the use of a different colour and/or texture, to create a striking visual impact. Acting as the focal point of your room, a feature wall has the ability to change the entire mood of your kitchen.

How to choose a feature wall

A feature wall can do many things for your kitchen, from helping to define practical areas to adding an artistic flair. The wall you choose will depend on the layout of your kitchen and what effect you want to achieve.

Usually, by just looking around your room, you'll be able to tell which wall will work best as a kitchen feature wall. However, if you still can't decide, consider the following:

  • If you have a galley kitchen, turning the end wall into a feature wall will help to emphasise the depth of the room.
  • If you have a dining area in your kitchen, consider creating a feature wall design to help to section off your table and chairs by using colour blocking on the adjacent wall.
  • If you have an open plan kitchen, turning the main wall into a feature wall will help define and divide your kitchen from the rest of the room.
  • If you have a small kitchen, a feature backsplash behind the sink or between the worktop and cupboards will add a pop of colour without overwhelming a small space.
Ideas for feature wall designs

Ideas for feature wall designs

Paint or patterns and textures can be used for a feature wall.

Paint is probably the simplest way to inject a bit of energy into your kitchen. Choose a colour that complements your worktops and cupboards while contrasting against the other walls. A vivid shade will instantly create a statement, whereas a light colour has a subtler effect.

Tiles are another great tool to use to create a feature wall design. Consider mixing and matching different designs to create a busy, Moroccan-inspired look. Alternatively, you can fit bright tiles against a coloured wall for a retro diner theme, or create your own unique pattern entirely.

A feature wall in your kitchen doesn't have to rely on applying colour – you can use different textures to add character to your kitchen. Consider fitting wooden panelling to enhance a country cottage kitchen, or a marble backsplash for a luxurious look.

Feature wall colour ideas

Feature wall colour ideas

Because you're covering a relatively small wall area compared to the rest of the room, a kitchen feature wall gives you the opportunity to be bold with your choice of colour or pattern. However, this doesn't necessarily mean you need to choose the most vivid colour you can find.

Opting for a muted shade for your feature wall can still have a striking effect, as long as the colour is a bit unexpected in comparison to your other walls and fittings.

For example, aubergine is a rich shade that looks sophisticated when contrasted against putty or porcelain white. Similarly, a summery shade like China blue can brighten up your kitchen without overwhelming, especially when paired with white or grey cupboards.

Alternative ways to create a feature wall

Alternative ways to create a feature wall

You can create a feature wall design without having to pick up a paintbrush with a few simple ideas.

  • Consider adding open shelving and storage units along one wall, clustering your favourite utensils and crockery together to create an artistic, cooking-themed arrangement.
  • Turn your kitchen into a gallery and display artwork across a feature wall – use a selection of your favourite pictures or highlight one key piece (consider adding task lighting to finish off the effect).
  • Add a touch of mother nature to your design scheme through a kitchen feature wall and place houseplants across shelving units, creating a beautiful look and giving you access to fresh herbs!
  • Instead of colouring the walls, colour your units: choose a uniform colour to use across the units and worktops on one wall – it doesn't have to be the exact same colour, as long as it contrasts against the cupboards and worktops that are on the other walls.

A feature wall is an ideal way to inject a little bit of personality into your kitchen. Whether you go big with a vibrant colour or use simple pieces to create a statement, a feature wall will bring an extra touch of style to your home. To try out these feature wall ideas on your home, use our kitchen planning tool or book an appointment to visit your nearest Wren showroom.