The blue spectrum

Blue is a special colour because there are so many different feels to it. From bright and fun to smoky and sophisticated, there's a shade that will suit the mood you want to create in your kitchen.

When deciding which shades of blue you want to bring into your kitchen, consider what sort of theme you want to emulate. Are you looking to create an energising atmosphere? Or do you want a space that is cosy and calming?

  • Calming shades can be used to create a tranquil, relaxing kitchen:
    • Baby blue
    • Blue-grey
    • Powder blue
    • Periwinkle
  • Bright, fun shades look great in a modern kitchen or when used on a statement feature:
    • Azure
    • Cyan
    • Electric blue
    • Turquoise
  • Contemporary shades are subtle and help to add sophistication to your kitchen:
    • Cerulean
    • Denim
    • Steel blue
    • Teal
  • Traditional shades are bold and versatile, helping to create a welcoming feel:
    • Royal blue
    • Sapphire blue
    • Cornflower blue

Once you know what sort of mood you're aiming to create, experiment with different tones until you find shades that feel right. Use our kitchen planning tool to see what your dream kitchen could look like.

Colouring in: Where to add blue

Where to add blue

Because there are so many different tones and shades, blue can look good on almost every feature in your kitchen.

  • Blue walls: An obvious place to add colour, you can use blue walls across the entire kitchen or on a standout feature wall. Blue paint is the simplest route, whereas blue wall tiles can add an extra layer of texture and detail. Consider pairing the two together and choosing patterned tiles with blue accents to feature against blue walls.
  • Blue kitchen cabinets: Bright blue cabinets will instantly add a wow-factor to your kitchen, while a more neutral shade, such as pale blue or navy, has a subtler effect.
  • Blue worktops: An unexpected place to bring a touch of colour, blue worktops can instantly make your kitchen look unique. The ideal place to use blue to make a thematic statement, a matt, pastel blue has a quirky edge, while grey-blue marble is luxurious and refined.
  • Blue flooring: It might sound wacky, but there are many ways to incorporate blue flooring into your kitchen. To make a statement, you can use a single shade across your entire kitchen or to highlight a certain part, such as a food prep area.
    On the opposite end of the spectrum, grey-blue tiles have a contemporary feel - choose a matt finish for an urban look, or stone-effect for a traditional kitchen.
  • Blue accessories: Whether you have bold blue features or just a hint of blue in some parts of your kitchen, blue accessories are a great way to amp up the detail.
    If you have open shelving, show off blue crockery and ornaments - mixing and matching patterns can bring a bohemian feel, while displaying a uniform set can create a traditional effect. Powder blue appliances, such as a toaster, microwave or mixer, adds an instant retro vibe.

Blue kitchen design ideas

Blue kitchen design ideas

The sky is the limit (and perhaps the inspiration!) when creating a blue kitchen. However, there are some tried and tested combinations guaranteed to look beautiful.

  • Blue country cottage kitchen

To create a warm and welcoming kitchen, use light shades of blue, such a duck egg blue or periwinkle. Pair blue with creamy white accents, wood flooring and wooden worktops to finish off the effect.

Painted wood cabinets are the perfect place to integrate blue into a rustic kitchen, while bright blue walls look equally as effective when offset by bright white units.

  • Traditional blue British kitchen

For a throwback effect, choose a deep, rich shade of blue to feature in your kitchen. Cobalt, navy or royal blue are all bold and powerful, but can be balanced out with neutral accents to avoid overwhelming the room.

Consider painting the walls a statement shade and neutralising the rest of the room with creamy white units and dark wood flooring. Metallic touches on the door handles and light fixtures will help to brighten up the overall atmosphere.

  • Ultra-modern blue kitchen

Use pale blues with shades of white and light brown to create a modern look across your design scheme. Choose a chalky blue or a pastel tone for the units and wall-cabinets, offset by white walls, shelving and detailing.

To finalise the modern effect, opt for a gloss finish across both the worktops and the units. A pale, wooden floor will help to add depth to the scheme while still maintaining an airy feel.

Feeling blue doesn't have to be a drag. Pluck your favourite shade of the blue rainbow and bring it into your kitchen to create an atmosphere that is unique, and beautifully blue. For more inspiration, browse our blue kitchens.