A guide to colour blocking in your kitchen

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For lovers of all things bright and beautiful, colour blocking is great. Epitomised by vivid splashes of colour, the style enlivens a space, and is a perfect choice for kitchens.

Learning how to colour block your kitchen is simple. Read on and you'll soon get to grips with the different styles that can be created in this versatile and exciting design.

Types of colour blocking

Types of colour blocking

There are lots of different ways to colour block your kitchen.

One of the main methods is using lots of different colours in the same room. This creates a fun and busy looking kitchen, especially when the cupboard doors are all different colours, or a colourful motif is applied to the walls. Think of it as carefully constructed chaos.

Another type of colour blocking is using one colour across your entire design scheme. Technically, an all-white kitchen is colour blocked, though many lovers of this trend will choose a more dramatic colour, such as aubergine or green, to make a statement.

Finally, colour blocking can also be applied by using one bright splash of colour in an otherwise monotone kitchen. For example, a letterbox red cabinet against a white kitchen works well, or bumblebee yellow against a grey background.

Colour blocking with appliances and furniture

Colour blocking with appliances and furniture

One of the simplest ways to start colour blocking in your kitchen is to add bright appliances and furniture. Brightly colour chairs or stools in the dining areas make a great statement, and you can mix and match different colours according to the effect you want to create.

Colourful appliances and utensils, such as storage jars, chopping boards, standing mixers, microwaves, and toasters are an easy way to introduce colour blocking into your kitchen. Larger appliances, such as ovens, can also be found in bright colours, which is ideal if there is a shade you particularly love.

Adding colour this way will work best if items are set against or beside a plain backdrop. White or cream walls, plain worktops and monotone units will help the appliances and furniture stand out, and make a statement with little effort.

Colour blocking using walls and lighting

Colour blocking using walls and lighting

Walls and light fixtures are fantastic for colour blocking. Both are fairly simple to change, making them a great choice for anyone who wants to add colour blocking to the room without committing to a complete kitchen refurbishment.

A statement wall in one bright colour can create a colour block, but the more adventurous may want to try their hand at a colour-block motif. Using masking tape and careful paint application all kinds of dramatic and eye-catching finishes can be created. For more inspiration, see our guide on adding a statement wall to your kitchen.

If you have them, pendant lights are the simplest way to bring colour blocking to the room through light fixtures. Depending on the size of your kitchen and the layout of the lights, you can choose from one bold colour across all lights, or several co-ordinating colours. If you choose different colours, try and keep the light shade itself the same shape and size throughout, or the room could look cluttered and the design confused.

You can learn more about pendant lighting with 'A guide to choose the perfect pendant lighting for your kitchen'.

Kitchen units and worktops

Kitchen units and worktops

Looking to really commit to the colour blocking trend? It's time to enliven your units and worktops. As the most prominent feature of the kitchen, colour blocking these areas will create a stunning effect, whatever colour scheme you choose.

A bold colour used across all cupboard doors will make an impact against white walls. Alternatively, apply a muted colour to the units set against walls, but use a statement colour for your kitchen island.

Coloured worktops are also a great way to use a retro colour blocking look. Alternatively, apply various types and shades of wood across the worktops to create a natural-style colour blocking effect.

Colour blocking is a bold trend that's sure to make your kitchen stick in the minds of your guests.

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