10 ways to colour your kitchen

Colour ideas

Picking a colour scheme for your kitchen is a challenge but it's also an opportunity to be brave, bold and ultimately be yourself. What you and your family like is what really matters, so throw out the rule book and have a little, or a lot, of what you fancy.

A couple of things to remember though. Colours affect moods so think carefully about what you want to achieve; is it a calm oasis in the heart of your home or a buzzing meeting place for family and friends? You'll also need to consider light and aspect, if your kitchen faces north it will naturally feel darker and cooler than south facing rooms.

Textures are extremely important. A glossy shade could well lose its interest in matt form, whilst a simple white unit will have a totally different feel if you opt for a glamorous gloss. Make sure you see everything in the flesh before you buy, so you know exactly what you're getting.

The following tips have been designed to help you colour your kitchen with confidence!

1What do you like?

All little kids have a favourite coloured crayon and as grown-ups there are still colours that we prefer and even ones we hate. Have a look around your home and your wardrobe and you'll find plenty of clues about the colours you like, the textures and tones, the shades and hues. Kitchens are often the most creative place in the home so get inspired and choose colours that excite you – and reflect your personality.

2Unit reshuffle

Can't decide between White Gloss or French Partridge – have both! Fitted kitchens no longer have to be all one colour – or even one style, so mix it up. Some kitchens even have three different colours, with blocks of units in two contrasting hues and an island in an accent shade. This could be the perfect way to keep the whole family happy!

Unit reshuffle

3Staying neutral

If you like the calming effect of cream, whites, greys and neutrals – and their timeless qualities - that doesn't mean your kitchen can't be vibrant, fun or welcoming. Pair neutrals with rich boldly painted walls - one top colour trend is dark chocolate – or even ceilings, rich wood floors and ornate tiles. Add metal splashbacks and accent with eye-catching soft furnishings and blinds, lights, appliances and ceramics.

4Standalone spaces

Your kitchen doesn't have to share the same colour scheme or style as the rest of your home. If you want your kitchen to be a cool, efficient workspace, that's fine. It doesn't have to mirror the cosy style of the family living room. Keep some continuity by using tones or harmonising shades – or simply embrace the difference.

5Natural selection

Natural wood and wood laminates can bring a variety of colours and textures into a kitchen – and often have a timeless appeal. From rich Antique Oak to warm Light Oak, wood units and islands, work surfaces and floors create welcoming spaces that can be traditional or modern, elegant or relaxed. Or why not try Light Oak stained with hues of Sage or Alabaster to add a different colour dimension and less traditional feel.

6Semi-permanent colours

Colour isn't permanent – even in a kitchen. Although you probably can't afford to change kitchen units every few years, you can drastically change the rest of the colour palette – and that includes walls, floors, gadgets, pots and pans, soft furnishings and furniture from seating to tables – or even countertops. So don't miss out on choosing your dream kitchen by worrying about future colour trends – nothing lasts forever.

Semi-permanent colours

7Light it up

Light and colour are inseparable so think hard about natural and artificial light and your colour choices. Dramatic colours such as Charcoal need careful lighting and adjustable and multi-source lighting is a must – for different times of the day and year. Whilst strong lights are needed for safe working, consider under-unit lighting as well as spot lights or it could start to resemble an operating theatre at night. There are lots of options out there from recessed ambient lights to pendant lighting and plinth lighting on base units.

8Splash out on accents

Just because you love Pale Sky, you don't have to use it floor to ceiling in your new kitchen. Choose it for units and then select a bright accent colour to go with it. Or select neutral units in Champagne, Cashmere, Cream or White and use burgundy as the accent for splashbacks, tiles, floors and walls. All good paint companies provide colour wheels to help you find eye-popping accent colours and develop a palette of colours.

9Mix and Match

If you have an outgoing, quirky personality, reflect that and have some primary fun in your kitchen. Textiles, countertops and accessories can be a great way to add pops of colour in a funky way that'll make everyday cooking chores so much more fun. Avoid looking cartoonish with some sophisticated touches – like mosaic tiles and open shelves. Choose quality appliances even if they're canary yellow.

Mix and Match

10Think outside the box – it's your kitchen

Trends and experts are great for ideas and inspiration, but at the end of the day, it's your kitchen in your home. So do what feels right for you and your family. If you all love the colour purple, go for it. It only has to make you happy.