Original worktop ideas to protect and organise your kitchen

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A kitchen worktop needs to be both durable and practical – all while looking great, of course! A busy kitchen requires savvy solutions to keep your worktop looking its best, but being practical doesn't have to be boring.

We've pulled together creative ways you can make the most of your worktop, to organise your space and protect the quality look of your kitchen. Explore original and stylish solutions that will enhance your kitchen worktop, helping to bring the room to life and give it the final flourish it deserves.

Protecting your worktops in style

To keep those worktops looking as fresh as the day they were installed, think about how you'll protect them against the wear and tear of daily use. There are a range of different options that will flatter the look of your worktops, as well as protect them.

Chopping boards are a simple solution. While plastic chopping boards can become worn and scruffy quickly, integrated wooden chopping boards only look more rustic the longer they are in use. Built into or beneath the worktop, these chopping boards are ready to use at a moment's notice – perfect for saving space, as well as your worktop material.

For something that's on display permanently, consider a worktop protector as an alternative to a chopping board. Usually much larger than a board, a protector is permanently on show on the worktop and is typically made of a glass material, which is perfect for gloss kitchens. Protectors are available in countless design and colour options, ideal for bringing a splash of something bright into the space.

If cooking is a real passion of yours, an integrated butcher's block is the perfect worktop protection solution. Available for both units and islands, butcher's blocks are made from walnut or oak and designed to be used for all types food preparation. Embrace a modern look with a circular block, which will create a focal point in the room as well as bring a practical worktop protection solution.

Protecting your worktops in style

Original worktop surface storage

Choosing to store utensils, appliances, and ingredients on your worktop is a great way to make the most of your kitchen layout – as long as you ensure the items on display aren't damaging the longevity of your worktops. Thankfully, there are stylish solutions that will add to the overall effect of your worktop space.

Original worktop surface storage

Laminate and Corian worktops

Laminate and Corian worktops are smooth and consistent in colour and tone. Available in a vast range of colours and textures, it's easy to find a design that suits the wider theme of your kitchen.

Consider a bold statement colour – such as telephone box red or vibrant green – and coordinate with storage jars and pots in this scheme, to tie the look together.

Timber worktops

Timber worktops are classic worktop material, ideal for a shaker kitchen that values a traditional aesthetic. But traditional doesn't have to mean old fashioned, as rustic interior design is on-trend today.

For worktop storage that's both fashionable and practical, consider a small wooden crate or box in a contrasting colour finish to your worktop. Use these to store an eclectic mix of utensils and ingredients and finish the look with a pot of fresh herbs.

Quartz and Granite worktops

As the most varied in tone and colour, Quartz and Granite worktops benefit from a two-toned approach to worktop storage styling. The simplest option is to invest in glass jars of varying sizes to store staples such as flour and sugar directly on display – this ensures the colours do not clash with the worktop. Alternatively, identify a tertiary colour within the Quartz or Granite, and invest in jars within that colour.

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