How to add copper accessories to a kitchen

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Copper has enjoyed a surge of popularity in both fashion and interior design. Thanks to the versatility of the metal, copper can be suited to traditional and modern kitchens alike, depending on how and where it is used.

Copper accessories are a fantastic choice for sprucing up your current kitchen design, or as a scheme for a new kitchen. From Scandi-chic to country cottage, copper can bring warmth and authenticity to your kitchen.

Traditional vs. modern copper

Traditional vs. modern copper

Copper is a special colour because it can look both traditional and modern, depending on the shade and finish used.

Traditional copper has a brassy undertone, and looks best with a rustic, unpolished finish. The very first metal cooking appliances were copper or bronze cauldrons, first created during the Bronze Age, and while the way copper is produced and used has changed, it's difficult to get more traditional than copper!

But, copper can also look modern. Rose gold, created by blending copper and yellow gold, is on-trend. Choosing copper appliances in this rosy shade and pairing them with a glossy, polished finish will add bright warmth that suits any modern kitchen design.

Traditional vs. modern copper

Copper cooking utensils

Metallic cooking appliances are an easy way to bring copper accents into your kitchen. Capable of looking either traditional or modern, it feels like there are endless varieties of copper appliances to choose from.

Traditional kitchens will benefit from adding non-electric copper implements to the room. Heavy-based copper pans are a fantastic investment: as well as being stylish, they feel professional to cook with. Traditional copper looks best when it's been well-used, and so it'll be at home in your kitchen for years to come.

Appliances such as copper colanders, stove-top kettles, measuring spoons or cups, ladles, and unpolished storage jars will achieve a similar effect.

Modern kitchens should, however, look towards copper electrical equipment for a thoroughly contemporary effect. Copper toasters accented with silver or glossy black will look on-trend and stylish. Match the toaster with an electric kettle, microwave, or standalone mixer for cross-kitchen consistency.

Copper cooking utensils

Appliances and finishing touches

To bring copper into the heart of your scheme, add copper appliances to the actual décor of the kitchen. This is a slightly bigger job than swapping out your old pots and toaster, but can completely transform the look of your kitchen for relatively little effort.

Taps are a great place to incorporate copper in the kitchen. Best in a traditional design, pillar or mixer taps coated in unpolished copper plating will add vintage charm to the room or recreate a rustic look when installed with a cream ceramic sink.

A range cooker is a traditional cooking appliance that looks great with copper detailing. If you really want to commit to the look, a copper coated range cooker will look striking in a shaker kitchen, taking the design to the next level.

Appliances and finishing touches

Ceiling and wall accessories

For those looking for a modern copper design, ceiling and wall accessories are a great place to start. Copper pendant lighting is hugely popular, and looks good whether you have track pendant lighting set up or a single statement pendant light. Artwork created using copper can be effective, but for an eye-catching finish that's also practical, a copper backsplash behind your hob is a minimalist way to add the colour to your wider kitchen design.

For something a little easier to install, a large copper clock set against an otherwise plain wall is a great choice, as well as polished copper accessories such as hanging pots and pans above a kitchen island.

Copper is a versatile and attractive metallic colour to add to the kitchen, and can be included in traditional and modern kitchens alike. Find out more about accessorising from our selection of accessories ideas.