Lighting Installation Guide

Lighting should be installed as a final task once all other installation has been completed.


Wren offer you the possibility to install lighting into your wall cabinets (usually combined with glass doors and shelves), base cabinets (usually associated with drawer storage) or under and over your base and wall cabinets to give general illumination to your kitchen.

For inside wall cabinets, it is best to surface fix our low voltage spotlights.

Best drawer cabinets can be fitted with our drawer sensor lighting to give light to each drawer box when opened.

General illumination is achieved by using our plinth lights below your base cabinets and fluorescent strip lighting or pyramid lights below your wall cabinets.

The LED strip lights can be used anywhere that you feel like making a designer statement in your Wren Kitchen.

For all Wren lighting simply follow the manufacturer's installation guides. If in doubt, consult a trained electrician.