Larder & Appliance Cabinets Installation Guide

Look upon the installation of your tower cabinets as an extension to your base cabinet run. You have received your tower cabinets pre-built and ready for installation. Remove all of the packaging. Remove all doors and drawers. Screw fix the black adjustable legs to the underside of the cabinet as done on your base cabinets. Be sure to get help to stand the cabinet upright and into position. Do not attempt to lift or move a cabinet on its legs around your kitchen.


It is critical that your tower cabinet is level vertically from the front and side when you fix it back to your wall. It is fixed as a base cabinet with the steel brackets provided. Make sure that the 150mm plinth line is carried through from the adjoining base or tower cabinets.

If the wall behind your tower cabinet is not flat or vertically level you will need to take advice from an expert as to how you can overcome this problem. Do not install your cabinet our of level as this will affect its performance and may create further problems with the kitchen wall cabinets.

Larder and Appliance Cabinets

Please be aware that we supply a standard fascia with appliance cabinets. This fascia will need cutting down in order to fit the wide range of different appliances available in the market place.