Door & Drawer Installation Guide

The 'clip-on' door hinges we have chosen for your kitchen are of the finest quality.

Once you have clipped the hinge arm back on to its mounting plate to connect the door back to the cabinet, you can still adjust the door up and down, side to side and in and out.


This fine turning will even out all the gaps between your doors and drawers to make your kitchen look fantastic.

Your drawer boxes and runners have a soft closing mechanism to ensure that you cannot slam close a drawer. As with your door hinges we have chosen the best drawer system on the market. All base drawer cabinets are delivered fully assembled.

Wall Cabinets

To install the cabinet you will need to take out each drawer box by pulling drawer all the way out and lifting upwards towards you in a swift movement.

Once you have installed the drawer cabinet, each drawer can be adjusted up and down and side to side to maintain constant gaps around your kitchen