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Kitchen worktop buyer's guide

Whether you want it to be a stand-out feature in your kitchen or blend in seamlessly with an overall theme, choosing a worktop is a key part of your kitchen planning. Of course there are practical considerations to be mulled over - the worktop is one of the most important areas and has to fulfil a multitude of functions at any given time. Here at Wren Kitchens, we understand how important the worktop is and have a wide range of styles and materials for you to choose from.



The first thing to do is think about exactly what you will need your worktop for, day to day, and organise your priorities. If you have a small hob you'll want plenty of heat resistance in your worktop so you have somewhere to plonk down those warm pans, if you cook a lot you'll need one which is easy to clean, and you want one which suits your budget - as well as getting a worktop with the right look. Satisfying all these demands can be difficult - even with the substantial range on offer at Wren! - So decide which are the most important and prioritise these in your search.


Once you have an idea of what you want, you need to look at what materials can deliver this. At Wren we offer quartz, granite, timber and laminate worktops, which can also be tweaked to your own bespoke design. There are pros and cons to each material - aside from your own personal aesthetic preference - so have a look at these to help you decide:



We take 93% quartz crystals and bind them together with an advanced polymer resin, creating a hard-wearing surface with a deep, attractive appearance.

Pros: Very easy to clean; can achieve imitation granite and marble looks for a cheaper price; extremely hard-wearing; stain resistant and therefore sterile

Cons: Very heavy; although heat-resistant, extremely hot pans should not be placed directly on surface

Care: Easy wipe clean with soap and water



Formed over millions of years, this is pure, natural stone which is always a firm favourite in kitchen design.

Pros: Extremely hard-wearing; cool to the touch so ideal for preparing food directly on the surface; stain resistant.

Cons: Expensive; extremely heavy, so some units need may reinforcing to support it.

Care: Clean with simple soap and water solution - acidic or abrasive cleaners will dull the surface.



Natural wood is a look that continues to find favour in many kitchen designs regardless of style - from country kitchen to modern, sleek themes.

Pros: Cheap; range of styles available; easy to maintain; non-porous, therefore hygienic.

Cons: May be damaged by extremely hot pans; chips and cracks more easily than stone and quartz surfaces.

Care: Burns and stains can be removed by sanding gently with the grain. Apply a small coating of oil each year to prevent the wood from drying out.



Laminate allows you to have the look of wood, stone or quartz at a much cheaper price, as the imitation layer is fixed over a cheaper material.

Pros: Natural finish; wide range of styles; ageing adds more character.

Cons: Susceptible to scratches and stains; very hot pans may burn the surface.

Care: Clean with mild detergent solution, use only a nylon brush (not steel) to clean textured surfaces.


Here at Wren, we are committed to helping you get your ideal kitchen, so as well as the wide range of materials available for use, we stock a host of different colours and are able to completely customise your worktop, according to your wishes.

You can choose from 26 unique worktop colours designed and manufactured by us, and then match them with any of the 51 edgings we have created to give your worktop a truly bespoke feel. We can even add in one of four colours of matching tables to complement your new worktop.

So have a good look through our range and make sure that the worktop you choose is the perfect finishing touch to the kitchen of your dreams.